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Full nameCuria the Arid of Death's Pass
Other namesEniun
Born inDorna, Leyse
A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!

Decades of escorting cartographers across the treacherous terrain of the Third World and fending off the attacks of beasts thrice as large as herself have jaded Curia to almost any form of aggression or aggravation. She keeps her cool at all times, and it would take truly life-threatening circumstances to shake her out of it.

She has an immense tolerance for discomfort and pain, which serves her well in her line of work, but often causes her to ignore her ailments past the point where she should have done something about them. For this reason, she has strain injuries that affect her mobility and speed. She's still going at it, all the same.

Curia is seen by her underlings as a responsive and inspiring leader who treats them as equals. Perhaps projecting a similar expectation on her own superiors, she isn't averse to being forthright and occasionally irreverent towards them. With the likes of Orobelle in stations of power, it's particularly easy to forget to be respectful.


Curia grew up with the name Eniun in the village of Dorna in Leyse. She was one of the Leysian chief's child serfs, but losing use of her foot to a lava flow meant she could no longer perform that role for her clan village, or to become a farmer—the job that would have awaited her otherwise.

When she was nineteen, Duchess Adamanta came seeking to purchase servants, and the chief offered up Curia and several others he saw as deadweight. Adamanta named her Curia then, and with the prosthetic technology of the Queendom, had her fitted with a new lower leg; ironically it is perhaps the only part of her that still functions as well as it did at that age.

Once deemed ready for employment, she was conscripted, largely against her will, although her wishes were not to be heeded. Partly due to her injury, she was unable to pass the initiation test for the Second World military and was instead posted to the Ducal Scouts, the division tasked with exploring and mapping the Third World. Over two decades and the tragic and untimely deaths of several commanders, she rose to become the commander of her unit, the Right Vanguard.

AdamantaThe life of a Second World servant deeply polarised Curia's view of Duchess Adamanta: in her eyes, Adamanta had both given her the employment she could not have found in the Second World, and robbed her of a large part of her autonomy. She was faithful to the old duchess to the end and became well known to the woman, and was still following her orders at the time of the woman's death. Curia did not learn of Adamanta's passing until a year after the fact.
OrobelleThe two have not met more than twice, but Orobelle treats Curia largely as she does all her servants, except she has vague misgivings about doing the same to Curia due to her seniority. She cannot help but to revere the woman—older than her mother was at her passing—more than she'd like to.
SubordinatesCuria is a shining example of a leader who serves. Those who operate under her in the Right Vanguard are fond of her leadership and eager to do as she orders, and do not enjoy the occasional stints under the leadership of Thistle, her second-in-command, or Pyra of the Centre Vanguard.
ThistleAs much as Thistle covets Curia's position, she holds a grudging respect for her. The tension is largely one-sided: Curia does not care to be involved in spats over positions and she recognises Thistle's aptitude—although she would be quite a different sort of commander, unrelenting and harsh.
  • Her name is informally a shortened version of Mercuria. I thought to name her that before I decided to shorten it, lest its meaningfulness be too cheesily obvious.