Fayven Zoemi / Alcyone



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🌊 fayven zoemi 🌊

the wandering wielder

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🎵 ~ pushed away, i'm pulled toward
 a comedown of revolving doors
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  • name: fayven amara zoemi
    • alias: alcyone the wayward
  • species: (selkie but with a bird's pelt instead of a seal i don't know what you'd call that)
  • ethnicity: black / filipina 
  • birthday: november 21
  • age: 20
  • gender: cis female
  • pronouns: she / her
  • orientation: bi-curious 
  • profession(s): 
    • former: high school student, militia member
    • current: inter-realm traveler, chosen one?????????


  • skin: light brown w/ neutral undertones
  • hair: jet black (with a sparkly purple-to-blue-to-aqua ombré underlayer); reaches to middle to back; fluffy and perpetually windswept
  • eyes: gray-brown
  • height: 5' 6" / 168 cm
  • build: athletic and stocky
  • other characteristics:
    • selkie coat turns into a shawl
    • freckles on face, shoulders
    • calluses on hands
    • various faded scars all over body

🌠 personality 🌠

  • alignment: lawful good
  • enneagram: 7w6 (sexual variant)
  • jung / mbti: enfp-t
  • sloan: sloai (primarily inquisitive)
  • temperament: phlegmatic / melancholic
  • zodiac: sagittarius (w/ scorpio cusp)
  • positive traits: brave, cheerful, protective, reliable, sociable
  • neutral traits: articulate, dreamy, pragmatic, mature, sentimental
  • negative traits: anxious, haughty, private, pedantic, willful

first impressions cast fayven as clever and quick-witted, with a cocky air around her. while she can think on her feet when she needs to, and she can definitely get haughty, she carefully cultivates her image to make it look like she knows what she's doing. she's more insecure than her persona lets on, and she works to perfect her few skills as much as she can. her deference, maturity, and even temper make her a favorite among authority figures but makes her look like a shill to her peers, which makes her fiercely loyal and protective of the relationships she does have. she spaces out and daydreams often and will adamantly deny doing so if you point it out to her.

🌌 trivia 🌌


  • books: young adult, non-fiction
  • drink(s): hot chocolate, mint tea
  • food(s): lemon fish skewers
  • fashion style: casual lolita; hama kei; strega; ulzzang; plaid, sweaters, leggings, and ankle-high boots
  • movies / tv: nature documentaries, musicals
  • music: classical, movie scores
  • hobbies: singing, swimming, research
  • interests: spellcraft, mythology
  • other likes: modern technology, concerts, beer festivals
  • dislikes: feeling useless, people not pulling their weight, cats


  • animal: spotted wood kingfisher (Actenoides lindsayi)
  • colors: navy blue, white, lavender, sea green
  • elements: air, water, star
  • flower / plant: forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica)
  • major arcana: the star
  • mineral: fluorite
  • playing card: queen of hearts
  • scents: sea salt, mint
  • sin | virtue: lust | diligence




  • aquakinesis — whether this her natural power or the power of ocean's hymn is unknown, but fayven can control large quantities of water with ease. she can also remove impurities from water and create water-based constructs, but these take a lot of energy.
    • thalassokinesis — This power is almost certainly ocean's hymn's doing. With the power of the full moon behind her fayven can control the oceans and its tides, and is telepathically linked to all the creatures in the sea.
  • transformation — Putting on her selkie coat enables fayven to turn into a kingfisher at will, and stay a kingfisher until she takes the coat off. 


  • ocean's hymn — a sentient weapon that can invoke the sea's wrath on a whim. it changes its shape to suit its user. its true form is am impossibly sharp rapier, but for some reason it likes to stay as a broom. increases agility, willpower and magic.
  • journal — a thick leatherbound book. the cursive in it is neat and tidy. increases wisdom.
  • selkie pelt — the premier possession of any selkie. fayven always has it with her. increases magic, strength and agility.
  • teardrop pendant — a good luck charm from her adoptive mom. greatly increases luck.


it was a snowy night when the comet crashed on the shores of thalasteri. no one would dare approach the strange rock that had cratered their beaches, until the rock dissolved away and the townspeople realize what — or rather, who — was inside. a young girl was enshrined inside, covered in wounds and barely breathing. the townspeople jumped in to haul the girl out and take her to the town doctor. while the tween recovered, zephira zoemi, the town's astrologer, offered to take her in.

if people weren't already concerned about the girl, it escalated into full blown fretting once she woke up. the girl, fayven, couldn't remember anything but her name, flinched at any loud noise, and broke the arms and noses of unsuspecting people approaching from behind. it takes ages, and zephira's unending patience, for the poor child to finally clue in that no one was going to hurt her here.

slowly but surely fayven got comfortable with life in thalasteri and she soon settled into a pattern: go to school, run an errand or two for the townspeople, train with the militia, and, when she had time, sit in on the happenings with the local adventurer's guild. fayven was content with this idyllic existence, and it could have continued forever if her past wasn't so eager to catch up to her...

so picture this: you're months away from graduating high school. you have an acceptance letter from a college overseas, and the town militia would be happy to have you if it doesn't work out. your life seems pretty set, until a woman literally comes down from the heavens and greets you personally.

and boy oh boy, does she have some bombshells for you. it turns out that you, miss know-nothing fishing village resident, are descended from actual stars and are the reincarnation of a great general, and that weird weapon that never leaves you alone used to belong to said general. and did she mention you're a reincarnation of this general? she really needs you to know you're this general's reincarnation because there is a war between the other star people that has been going on for-literally-ever and her people are getting their asses kicked, so you really, really, reeeeally need to come back with her to re-fill that general role like all those other reincarnations did. oh, and you are coming with her — no ifs, ands, or buts. she'll give you until tomorrow to say your goodbyes.

so what do you do?

if you're anything like fayven, you pack your shit as fast as you can and run for your life.

🌠 relationships 🌠

  • zephira zoemiadoptive mother. fayven's caretaker. zephira adores fayven, and treats her like her own
  • mother of manyenemy. the woman from the heavens, and the one who derailed fayven's life. fayven constantly has to jump from world to world and from realm to realm to shake off her pursuit.

🌌 miscellaneous 🌌

  • she wanted to learn how to play the piano, but couldn't find any time to practice.
  • each selkie has a different reaction when their coat is taken. fayven's is to go full-on murder mode until she's subdued or she gets it back.