Fayven Zoemi / Alcyone (AU | Kingdom Hearts χ)



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Fayven was an inhabitant of Triplumare, a world where magic and music were one and the same. She grew up with stories about the soundless, shadowy beings that lurked on the edges of the city, how its citizens had been living in an uneasy equilibrium with them for years. One fateful day, whatever force held the shadows at bay disappeared, and they swarmed the city. All who fought back fell, becoming one with the horde. Fayven finds herself cornered, and as she prepares to make her last stand, the power of the Keyblade saves her and guides her to Daybreak Town.

From here, her timeline splits:

— In the first, she goes through KHχ and KHUχ as canon intends.

— In the second, she goes through KHχ, but an event I haven't figured out yet rips her from Daybreak Town and spits her out in present day, sometime after KHII. (This is her main timeline.)


  • In this AU, Ocean's Hymn is Fayven's personal Keyblade.
  • While in Daybreak Town, she's part of the Unicornis union, and her favorite Keyblade to use is Lady Luck.
  • Fayven doesn't join a party for months after she arrives. She eventually joins a small one called the Seven Sisters.
  • In timeline II, once she is taken from Daybreak Town, she loses access to all of the Keyblades she acquired while there, except Starlight. Any medals she has rust over, rendering them unusable.

And now for a whole bunch of spoilers!

  • Ocean's Hymn is actually one of two Keyblades Fayven's home had, the other being Ocean's Requiem. It is unknown if Requiem has a wielder.
    • (Requiem's wielder is actually someone who survives Triplumare's destruction.)
  • KH(U)X — She can't use Ocean's Hymn in Daybreak Town. She has no idea it even exists until near the end, if she learns about it at all. She can only use it in timeline II, after she's spirited away.
  • KHX — Fayven gets asked if she wants to become a Dandelion. Had circumstances permitted, she would have said yes.
  • KHX? — Out of the other members of the Seven Sisters: one dies while on a mission, one becomes a Darkling, two die in the Keyblade War, and two are MIA.
    • (The two MIAs show up later in timeline II). 
  • TII — Fayven wakes up in Thalasteri with amnesia, and it takes a Heartless attack and summoning Ocean's Hymn years later to start jogging her memory. The first leg of her story is her trying to get as much of it back as possible.
  • (This is never gonna come up, but her Organization XIII name would be Venafyx.)