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55731260_HqUTbyaRdujLNsw.pngHerald of Time, or alternatively, Eternity - though mostly the passage of time and the inevitability of mortality. The changing calcified scars on Nreme's body are a direct representation of this, and of the fact that all mortals are decaying constantly - a fact that most cultures accept and relish, as mortals are the only entities to experience death and the freedom of the afterlife.

But that's getting into esoterics. Nreme himself is grumpy and distant, preferring solitude and his own thoughts to most other people (and especially the other Heralds). The exceptions to this rule are Doppia, his best friend/confidante, and Isinga, his on-off romantic-sort-of partner. He didn't expect to fall for Isinga as hard as he did, nor did Nreme imagine that he'd ever give Isinga the time of day... but the other's persistence and humor charmed Nreme in the end, and though he puts up minor protests, he often finds himself tagging along to whatever plot Isinga has cooked up for the week. A surprising amount of those plots involve them dancing together.