Hong Yi's Comments

dude, this character is a madlad. it reminds me of me- someone who's smart but tries to find the joke of a situation before the solution. also, marine biology? doesn't that sound like a jojo reference...

i got a question about him though, he's chinese, right? what's his favorite four character idiom?

Yo that's cool that you see yourself in him. The funny thing is that I've never watched/read Jojo before. so the connection is just there by coincidence. Also, I've honestly never thought about what idioms Hong Yi might like but he probably had a long-time amusement with 一窍不通 as a teen and ended up using it a lot, and also just finds 一日千秋 evocative.

I love his personality! Seems like a likeable goofball! I'm glad he's able to adapt wherever he goes, and he worked hard to get to where he is (even if against his parents' wishes). Also the gravity powers are really cool!

Thank you for the love! Ye, he's my silliest character for sure, and even then he absolutely put so much into carving out the life he wanted--all while remaining a master of practical jokes. I can't wait to show how he learns to use his powers in the story he's from 0:

I'd love to see it whenever you do! ^^