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Name Nef "Nephthys" Neffy
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 2ft 6in
Species Monster


Nef is my persona, and a reoccuring monster. Unlike the other monsters, she is very laid back, and seems to enjoy ice cream. Nef can also be miraculous at times, though this isn't always the case, since she's pretty lazy. Nef seems to hate caramel a lot, since she finds the taste of it to be too sweet for her taste buds.

Nef is light blue in color, has a sky-to-light-blue gradient on her antennae, fur crest, and tail. Her wings have a cyan-to-dark-blue gradient. She has one, big eye, with no visible mouth or nose. Her pupil is shaped like a sword, and her sclera is light blue, with the bottom portion of her eye containing what appears to be colored like red liquid (it's not blood). She has light blue antlers, a small body, and a ring attached to her left antenna. She also has big, droopy, imp-like ears, and long, black legs with 3 toes per leg. She has two sets of tiny, black arms, and due to this, she uses her wings as arms instead.

Nef, as a monster, can be a bit dumb when it comes to anything, as she tends to come off as rather clumsy and also a bit of a weirdo. She tends to loaf around and eat as much as she wishes. Lastly, she loves junk food. A lot. Chocolate and Cotton candy are her favorite food flavours, although she often cooks egg in the basket for breakfast.

She ain't meant to be a serious character, because nowadays I just treat her like a dumb af meme.


  • Nef is my current sona, and will always be my sona.
  • She was intended to be a mascot of a species called Drakmoth, but the concept was discontinued entirely, and she became her own character.
  • I blame myself for KFC-ing Nef.


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