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General Warnings

  • 99% of my characters are NSFW or ideologically insensitive. This is Himbo territory.
  • All art is properly marked but i'm still in the process of putting warnings on profiles!

  • Art trades and commissions are usually open, just send me a PM
  • Feel free to draw my characters! I usually try to draw back so if you want free art that's a good way to get it ;^)
  • Feel free to PM me or comment on my trade thread to offer on characters in my "unused" or UFT folders. Otherwise, characters are NFT/S. Do not offer on characters not listed in my trade thread.
  • Please dont call any of my characters dreamies/dream designs. It makes me super duper uncomfortable.
  • Yada Yada Yada original character do not steal
Other Info

  • A good chunk of my characters are privated, if you would like to see more of my content press the follow button so you will get notifications for characters that are otherwise hidden!
  • Keep in mind i'm an adult and, as stated, I use a lot of NSFW and mature themes. Most of my NSFW art is hidden to nonauthorized users but occasionally I forget to put something on private and/or will talk about my ocs being Himbos on their profile.

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Explicit Content Warning: This character is often depicted as the victim of gorey and violent situations.

Trigger Warning: Criminal mischief, Murder, Torture, Rape, Gang Violence, Kidnapping, Stalking

This character is explicit in nature.

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