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Elite Personal Advisor

- Variscite



Era Made Pre-Era 1


Status Alive

Role Diamond's Advisor

Alignment The Empire

Diamond's Court White "Snowy" Diamond

Worth/Brought For $10

He has the ability of flora manipulation, which may be the reason Snowy wants to bring organic life into the Empire.

He often stays up for days when given free time to look into things about his old diamond.

Even with their high ranking, they do not have a pearl and refuse to have any attendants.

Obsidian also guards him besides Snowy.


Considerably one of the oldest gems in the Empire, surpassing even White Diamond herself. This is simply due to him being created by the same diamond who created Snowy, a Green Diamond who is now long shattered. Their initial purpose was similar to a Pearl, but mainly acting as an advisor to the Green Diamond. However once their original diamond was shattered by unknown means White Diamond took him into her court. Luckily they are still able to perform the duty they originally were meant to, instead just advising White Diamond. He is the only gem of his type since Snowy decided not to produce anymore as an homage to the one who started off the Empire and created her. Within the Snowy Court, Variscite can be seen by White Diamond’s side day and day out, never leaving for a second. He gives off an air of importance, standing at the same height as his diamond, some gems see the two as equals. However personally they will never see themself above their diamond, as they are a simple advisor meant to provide an opinion and advice on whatever Snowy may need from them. A gem created from a bygone era who has somehow managed to plant themself into the new way of life. Holding an incredibly high status compared to most other gems, his word is considered the word of White Diamond in most cases. He’s confident and possesses knowledge about things far beyond other gems. Yet something deep down is wrong, they deeply miss Green diamond. They spend most of their free time (if they ever have some) looking through old tomes or interviewing gems to discover what might have brought an end to their diamond’s life.