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  • Characters may have death and/or violence assosicated with them.
  • Characters profiles might have moving Gifs and bright colors
  • all NSFW by me is hidden but commissioned NSFW is only cencored 
  • my art could be a lil suggestive (18+ ocs)C8934090-6-E55-46-B9-B1-E8-0-C5304-F4-F9


  • NSFW of my OCs are ok but please make sure you check age, some of my OCs are very young, please do not draw NSFW of them
  • Don't heavily reference/copy my characters is all I'm asking of you. If your inspired, be inspired!
  • Do not Roleplay as/with any of my characters.
  • Please avoid asking to be pinged when/if a character goes up for trade. only characters you can offer on are EO and UFO
  • color picking my adopts are ok but dont HEAVILY ref the design
  • do not trade or sell designs by me to my blacklist
  • AB passing my adopts dont add any value to the OCE7806602-A926-4-A63-89-A7-F0-F9-DBB03-B9


  • Do Not Interact - basic DNI criteria. anyone who violates others' boundaries, proshippers/anyone who supports incest, pedophilia, racist, homophobic or any other kind of hate annnd if you support zoophilia, animal abuse or if you are a MAP
  • gift art is always loved! please lmk if its gift art tho, sometimes i get it mixed up with owed art and forget to tell you thanks!FF5-A0-D48-25-F9-4-BAF-8-CC0-FDDD0421559

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