((Grem2)) Koa ✨



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Basic Info


Grem2 (Closed species by MrGremble)


MYO (Design by Arvata)


Long + Knicked


Ridge + Poncho


Long + Curtain + Tuft

Free Mutation:




"The best kind of happiness is the one you grant others."

Name: Koa
Nicknames: Koko/Coco, Coconut, Koko Crunch
Gender: None (Identifies as male)
Age: Young adult/adult
Height: Slightly above average
Weight: Average
Body Type: Athletic, exercises regularly
Intended Occupation when Ordered: Company-owned; sells ice cream, tropical souvenirs and various treats in a large amusement park
Current Occupation: Same as above

Personality Traits:
-Relaxed and carefree
-Positive attitude
-Speaks in a very "chill" manner
-Very talkactive (Can keep entire conversations flowing naturally without much input from the other part, which is very helpful towards his shyer customers)
-Loves his job (He thinks making customers smile is the best and genuinely cares for them. And he's great at what he does!)
-Has a strong moral compass
-Fit and active (Often exercises and bikes to work despite having a free bus pass thanks to his company ID)
-Great cook (Enjoys it too)

Likes: Making customers smile, interacting with others, sunny days, occasional surfing, tropical/calm music, good books

Dislikes: Cruel people, insensitivity, bad weather, others feeling down/hurt

Ordered by a wealthy entertainment company, this grem's life was already branched out before him when he started his work as a fulltime employee in their well-renowned amusement park. Responsible for serving ice cream from a mobile cart(or sometimes working in other stations such as the souvenir gift shop), he attracts a lot of tourists in the hot, tropical climate and spends a lot of time scooping, giving directions and socializing to keep them happy. While working under the sun for hours each day could feel tiring to some, this grem deeply enjoys his work and delights in helping people out, viewing his job as almost a part of him rather than a chore. Thanks to this, his passion keeps the workflow smooth and natural, his talents of handling customers altogether in a relaxed manner seeming almost effortless. Visitors in the park often take note of this genuinely pleasant attitude and send positive feeback to his company as a result.

Outside of his job, this grem enjoys quite a pleasant life, housed in a well-spaced home with a small pool by courtesy of his company for helping them build such a positive reputation. Often he'll meet up with friends to hang at bars, beaches, nightclubs or at parties, sometimes letting them use his spacious home for festive events as well. While not a heavy party-animal himself, he enjoys it regardless and considers the time spent with his buddies as time well spent. By himself, he is fully content with relaxing near his pool enjoying a good book and a drink, finding himself very much at peace with the world.