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A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!
Full nameFelix John Mercer
BirthplaceLondon, Great Britain

Felix is a cunning entrepreneur who always knows which way the wind is blowing. With his silver tongue and beguiling manners, he could persuade, or fool, even the most unyielding.

Heir to a huge estate and the beneficiary of almost every form of fortune existent, he has known little hardship and, as a result, has developed the sort of confidently outgoing attitude that only one who's never had to fear anything or anyone would. He treats rules and structures as flexible, and frequently talks or bribes his way out of trouble. He is broadly unaware of the ways his upbringing has skewed his view of the mutability of people, rules and organisations.

Felix is as gentlemanly as his family and social position require of him—a perfect husband, to those of his culture and era. This personality is not all put-on, either; he is considerate and tolerant by nature, and he does his best to be sympathetic, although it sometimes becomes clear that his sheltered upbringing has narrowed his ability to sympathise.

He is lukewarm and deliberately opaque about his interests; he doesn't seem to care overly much about anything in particular—other than, perhaps, the people he loves.


Felix was born in London to parents with noble forebears and a large estate on Kensington to their name. In their childhood, he and his brother Jasper learned businesscraft at home and studied at Westminster School. By his teenhood, Felix was already in possession of investments in trade ships on the Atlantic, with enough wealth to his own name to buy his own townhouse.

While he was quite baffled when he learned of his ability to manipulate light at the age of eleven, he did live in a time of scientific wizardry and the impossible made possible, and it was not a cause of much alarm to him. He was remarkably good at using his powers in subtle ways that did not draw any suspicions.

Close to his nineteenth birthday, Felix bought his way into the passenger seat for the inaugural trip of the Tunnel Machine—a newfangled device funded by his father's investments that was designed to transport passengers across the Atlantic in under ten seconds. Things did not go as planned, and Felix found himself stranded far away from home with no apparent means of returning.

ParentsFelix rather admires his father's investments, and at the same time feels motivated to outdo him in the world of business. That is as far as his admiration goes: the man was often away from home, leading a second life that neither mother nor children ever knew much about, and this did not lend itself well to trust. Felix's mother, who married for financial security, does not seem any more than mildly inconvenienced by her marriage, but she rather likes Felix and Jasper, and always took care to spoil them as children.
JasperFelix's older brother was set on the same path as himself, towards an adulthood of entrepreneurship, until he decided he much preferred to build machines than to sink money into them, and left to work in the up-and-coming diesel flight industry. This move instilled a sense of adventure in Felix that has lasted ever since.
AdelaideHaving never been socialised as an adult, Adelaide has developed an attitude of dependency on Felix, something he is rather desperate to change. Both know little about the city in which they must now live while evading Adelaide's recapture.
  • Felix owns a small narcissus named Cel, which he carries around with him in his pocket.
  • He also collects other plants, both local and foreign, in his greenhouse back at home. Who knows when he'll see it again though.
  • He's pretty skilled in math and physics, and he is almost fluent in French.