Cordelia Nejem

the moonless mercenary

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🎵~ A life spent soaked in the muddy river
Isn't so bad if it's over after one round…
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  • Name: Cordelia Nejem
  • Species: Therianthrope (feline)
  • Ethnicity: African / Arab?
  • Birthday: November 20?
  • Age: 229?
  • Gender: Trans woman
  • Pronouns: She / her
  • Orientation: Biromantic gray-asexual
  • Profession(s):
    • Former adventurer
    • Retired mercenary
    • Bouncer at a metal club


  • Skin: Medium brown w/ neutral undertones
  • Hair: Rich, dark brown; wavy and curly; falls to her shoulder blades; gray at the temples
  • Eyes: Golden yellow
  • Build: Muscular and heavyset; think “strongman”
  • Height: 5’ 6” / 168 cm
  • Weight: ~220 lbs / ~100 kg
  • Other Characteristics...
    • Slitted pupils
    • Pronounced canines
    • Geometric tattoo down middle of back
    • Scroll tattoo reading “Veni, vidi, vici” on left forearm
    • Tattoo of the Big Dipper on right forearm
    • Various scars all over body, including a lightning strike scar on left side of torso

her shifted appearance is the same as above, except…

  • Fur: Pitch black
  • Height: 5’ 10” / 178 cm
  • Weight: ~260 lbs / ~117 kg
  • Other Characteristics...
    • All scars and tattoos hidden under fur
    • Rosettes can be seen in fur in the right light


  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Enneagram: Three (with a four wing); sexual variant
  • Jung / MBTI: ENTP
  • SLOAN: SCOEI (primarily Egocentric)
  • Temperament: Choleric / Melancholic
  • Zodiac: Scorpio? (w/ Sagittarius cusp)?
  • Positive Traits: Adaptable, charismatic, independent, resourceful, sociable
  • Neutral Traits: Assertive, competitive, opportunistic, sarcastic, sensitive
  • Negative Traits: Cynical, haughty, pessimistic, possessive, vindictive


With her gift of the gab and her charming exterior, Cordelia has amassed plenty of friends. She has a sharp, snarky, witty tongue and is well-read enough to carry a conversation about almost any topic. She's extremely resourceful and can make the best out of any situation. She's also observant and exceedingly empathetic to other's moods. What most don't know, however, is that this social butterfly persona is played up to mask her more negative traits. Cordelia expects the worst out of everyone and thinks very little of people as a whole. She is exceedingly adept at manipulating others, always working to get the upper hand. She's also extremely quick to anger, and has no problem lashing out, verbally or physically, if she feels she's been wronged.




  • Transformation — All therianthropes have access to an animal-based form, and they take on this form during the moon phase they were born / turned under. Cordelia takes the form of an melanistic African leopard, and she transforms under the new moon. Cordelia has more control over her form than most, though, and can transform whenever she wants.
  • Astral Projection — Most Therians get a random psychic power, and Cordelia has the ability to detatch her soul from her physical body and travel the ethereal planes – at least in theory. In practice, Cordelia finds this power more frustrating and sleep-stealing to use than anything. If she wasn't able to find some way to rig it for item summoning, she'd never bother with it.
    • Summon Item — Cordelia has a particular sigil placed on most items she owns. Paired with her astral projection and the tattoo on her back, it allows her to summon any item she wants, whenever she wants. This is the first, last, and only spell she'll ever use.
  • Regeneration — Cordelia has a much faster and more potent healing factor than many therianthropes. A broken bone will heal in only a few days, and major wounds will take mere hours to heal. However, the healing is not perfect - scar tissue has a chance to build up, pain persists long after the original injury has healed, and magic-made wounds won’t heal correctly or at all without outside help.


  • Assorted rings — Gathered on her travels. All are polished to perfection. Increases magic.
  • Gold bracelets — Specially made. These simple metal bands hum with energy. Greatly increases magic and increases luck.
  • Silver-infused piercings — Small, shiny studs that make transformations easier to handle. A must-have for any therianthrope. Increases constitution and willpower.
  • Simple choker — A length of black string, tied to a coin with a hole in the middle and worn around the neck. Slightly increases luck.
  • Simple necklace — A chunk of amethyst hanging on a thick black cord. Increases intelligence, wisdom, willpower, and charisma.


The being that would be known as Cordelia Nejem had a disorienting start to her existence. Her earliest memories are marred and muddled under a haze of pain and hunger, and she would not be able to tell you of her life before.

Her first clear memory is waking in a tent, swaddled in several blankets, and a man standing by with a warm plate of food. The man introduced himself as Felix Valentus, leader of a group of adventurers, scouting the area for a quest to complete. After letting Cordelia eat her fill, he made her an offer. Stay with him and his party for a while, have some food and semblance of shelter, maybe learn a few skills from them, and if at any time she wanted to bail, they’d let her go in the next town, no questions asked. As Cordelia had nowhere else to go, she hesitantly accepted and became part of the group.

At first, she was just the decoy, distracting guards from their duties so the party could sneak in. However, she soon proved to be invaluable, with her penchant for sneaking and her keen eye for traps, and it wasn’t too long before she became a proper member of the party. It was far from ideal, but Cordelia grew a strange sort of content with her new life.

That was turned on its head with the arrival of the Peacekeepers. A vicious, militarized cult of the deity that would be known as the Exiled One, they were determined to finish their deity’s work spreading pestilence and ruination across the land, razing community after community to the ground, only sparing their fresh converts from their onslaught. The party took a quest that resulted in the death of a high-ranking Peacekeeper, and from there the party’s fate was sealed.

The Peacekeepers’ revenge was swift and brutal, ambushing the party in broad daylight. With the cult’s eldritch powers and sheer numbers, the party had no chance. Cordelia and the party’s bard, Chae, barely escaped with their lives as their friends succumbed to the Peacekeepers’ onslaught.

Knowing the cult would be out to complete their revenge, Cordelia and Chae kept their heads down while they plotted their own. Joining another group determined to bring the Peacekeepers down, they wore down the cult member by member, hideout by hideout until they came face to face with the cult’s elders. The elders’ powers had been weakened significantly by the group’s efforts, so they did not put up much of a fight as Cordelia and Chae made quick work of them.

With their vengeance complete and the Peacekeepers’ infrastructure crumbling, the two adventurers parted ways with the group and each other, with Chae deciding to return to her homeland. Cordelia remained in the area, hiring herself out as a bodyguard and mercenary while stomping out any remnants of the Peacekeepers she came across. She soon grew weary of this, and when she heard of sanctuary cities opening themselves to the public, she gathered the last of her savings and made a beeline for Vivariiium.

Now working as a humble bouncer, Cordelia considers her past dead and buried. She puts in an honest day’s work, keeps her nose clean, and does her damnedest to ignore the allure of money and adventure.


  • Choi Chae-HwanBest friends; "sibs from different cribs". The other survivor from the ambush. They were each other's right-hand people while on the road. It's been ages since they've seen each other, though... 
  • Keyshia FieldsSoulmate. Cordelia's mark filled in the moment she heard her voice. Now if the woman would stop trying to dodge her, they could talk...
    • Friend, queerplatonic partner (eventually). Well whaddayaknow, once you actually get her to open up, Keyshia's a fucking delight. She's witter than she appears and sharp as a tack, and she as an admirable work ethic. There's also this little furrow she gets between her brows when she's thinking aaaaaaand you're falling for her, aren't you. 
  • Sterling WishchaserCharge. Cordelia's looking after them as payment for an old favor. She takes frequent trips out of town to check up on them.



  • Book(s): Thrillers, travel guides, true crime
  • Drink(s): Coffee taken black, very strong whiskey
  • Food(s): Meat lover's pizza, Angus steak done rare
  • Fashion Style: Punk biker; grunge; dark palettes, leather, torn jeans, belts, and calf-high boots
  • Movies / TV: Horror, indie films, drama
  • Music: Classic rock, metal, folk rock
  • Hobbies: Geocaching, painting, parkour, woodcarving
  • Interests: Astronomy, astrology, traveling
  • Other Likes: Long driving trips, horror games, motorcycles, nature hikes, rock music
  • Dislikes: Boredom, disloyalty, isolation, small spaces, storms


  • Animal: Panthera pardus pardus
  • Colors: Midnight blue, jet black, deep violet
  • Elements: Moon, Water, Metal
  • Flower / Plant: Nymphaea lotus
  • Mineral: Amethyst
  • Playing Card: King of Hearts?
  • Scents: Coffee beans, paints
  • Sin | Virtue: Wrath | Diligence


  • Her Pinterest board, for the curious. 
  • Cordelia often stays up all night playing horror games.
  • She attempted to find out what happened to the clan she was supposed to belong to, but came up empty.
  • Cordelia has adopted several cats, most of which have some physical ailment or defect.
  • Cordelia has various journals she kept during her adventuring days. Chae encourages her to publish them like she did, but Cordelia's still on the fence.
  • Also unlike Chae, who advertises her "historic adventurer" status every chance she gets, Cordelia keeps her identity and role in taking down the Peacekeepers private. She values her privacy far too much to deliberately put herself in the spotlight.
  • Even decades after hanging up her adventuring gear, she still feels a potent rush of excitement and adrenaline when knocking out rowdy drunks. It's... kinda worrying.
  • Cordelia can not cook. Like, literally unable to cook — there is some anomaly in her magic that makes her fuck it up whenever she tries. If she tries to boil water, it catches fire within seconds. If she holds ingredients, they will go bad in her hands.
  • Cordelia did not know much about queerness until she settled in the city, so when transforming brought out her dysphoria in full force and caused her extreme distress, she didn't recognize it for what it was and just figured "welp, just one more reason to Never Transform, Ever", causing herself a lot of pain and health problems in the process. Once she started meeting other shifters, she started feeling bitter and resentful of them (especially other animal shifters) that liked or enjoyed their other forms. And since there really wasn't anyone she could talk her feelings out with, that resentment festered and lasted for a long time. It was only when she was able to go "wait, I'm what now?" that she found some sort of peace with it.