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 Hazelnut "Hazel" (Eve) 

6485582_WWSWLdHcfSzDPLa.pngHazel wears her hair down when she's herself, but she wears it up for work and when she's playing as Eve.
❥ Name:  Hazelnut "Hazel" (Goes by Eve)

❥ Marital Status: Single

❥ Born: 1995

❥ Animal Affinity: Unknown

❥ Nationality: Canadian
❥ Sexuality: Straight (Poly)

❥ Favourite Food:  Unknown

❥ Favourite Drink:  Honeydew Smoothie

❥ Elemental Affinity: Ice and Water

❥ Family: Unnamed Older Brother
Warning: Hazel's story contains physical and psychological abuse, mental illness as well as implications of sexuality

Protected District Life and Pre-fame
Hazel began her new life in the protected district once her affinity was first discovered. The district is known to house thousands of occult and affinity stated beings, and Hazel was no exception. Like everyone else in the district, she started with nothing and had to work her way up to own even a tiny room of her own. She was set to live in a hostile where she was bullied out to the cold where she stumbled upon Natsu, a friend of her from many years prior. He invited her to stay with him until she was able to afford her own place. She began to sleep on the sofa in the small room of Castor and Natsu where she struck up a friendship with both of them. She showed her gratitude by making their favourite meals when they returned the favour.  She worked hard at a cafe where she met Mirai, who soon became her best friend. After developing feelings for Natsu, Hazel discovered that Natsu cared very little for relationships after finding him with a woman from his work. Upset, she left the apartment without saying goodbye. Using her savings, she and Mirai bought a tiny room that barely had enough room for two beds. Hazel ended up spending time with Natsu one last time, forming a somewhat romance with him, but the two remained friends and her feelings remained hidden. While singing in her Cafe, Hazel made her big break after being discovered and she and Mirai were promptly accosted by her eventual manager.

Shortly after she was approached by her manager, Hazel broke out in fame as a sweet but mysterious idol alongside her best friend Mirai. Even though their lifestyle seemed glamorous, Hazel would begin to panic over minor things, causing her to be hysterical and paranoid regularly. When she confided in Mirai that she was having second thoughts about her stardom, Mirai told their manager who proceeded to manipulate and threaten Hazel to make her stay. She taught Hazel to anticipate pain every time she heard her own name, and made Hazel believe the worst in herself and the world. Her abuse was so degrading to her mental health, she began to have paranoid thoughts and even auditory and some minor visual hallucinations. Hazel escaped and faked her own death, going into a protection program where she dyed her hair blonde and assumed the identity as Eve.

Though positive and upbeat, Hazel is overly confident and oversteps boundaries regularly. She hates being saved even though she's physically weak and will likely act before thinking. Her emotions take her over easily making her easily manipulated and swayed, likely falling for a trap set for her. Post-stardom as Eve, she is angry, bitter and paranoid about the people around her and lashes out often. She isn't easily phased by things like bugs or horror but she will break into pieces if anyone calls her by her old name.

- She was originally an AU version of Roxie but then became her own character that occupies the same universe

- She does not know any of the Main Universe group, though she has briefly met Luna and has heard of Roxie

- She had two current love interests

- She cannot do anything while someone is watching. She'll mess up in stupid ways.

- Hazel is mildly allergic to nuts

- Natsu's nickname for her is 'Chestnut' and he calls her this instead of "Eve" when her name becomes a panic trigger

- Even though she can't stand hearing her name, she says that Natsu saying her name is comforting.

- Her mom loves hazelnuts


Sea Food

❥ Mochas and London Fogs
❥ People calling her Hazel (Post-stardom)

Mirai (Post-stardom)

❥ Intimacy