Lazarus's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!


Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

ethanol Global Rules

The bottom line is this; once this design is in your hands, you can do with it whatever you like.  You're free to use the design commercially (though not my art, please), change the design, sell or trade it no matter how you obtain it, edit my original art, whatever you want!

I only have a few things I ask in return;

  1. Please credit my art!  I don't mind if my work is re-uploaded to other sites, but please do not claim it as your own work.
  2. While I understand I cannot stop you from doing so, I would appreciate if you refrained from using my designs in a hateful or bigoted way.  I do not condone hate speech of any kind.
Most of all, have fun!  I hope you enjoy my design~