× Twelve ×



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《 Basics 》

× Twelve ×

12 | known as the "12:00 am Bandit" by most | Trash can man

 Male | 20 ish | 7 ft | some sort of humanoid monster

Confident | Laid back | Uncaring | Nonchalant | Lazy | "immature" | Somewhat childish | Jokester | Weird | One track mind | Only 2 brain cells | Unpredictable

× I live and eat out of a garbage can. 

So go ahead and judge away, I don't really care--

I chose to be this kind of person anyway ×


× Overview:

× From the very start of his life twelve has been out on his own, abandoned on the streets. Adapting surprisingly well and learning the in's and out's of how to live in this situation, He soon took up pick-pocketing and petty thievery--instead of actually trying to do something with his life. Oddly enough, he found out that he has no interest in taking someone's money or valuables though. Instead he simply takes food and going as far as breaking into a person's house to steal it.

× The world has dubbed him as the "12:00 am Bandit" or simply Twelve, as most of the robbery's happen around that time. He's known for his skilled lock picking and effortlessly breaking into houses with little to no noise. He enjoys his small thievery and does little to nothing to support himself other than that. A lazy homeless bum

× Personality:

At a first glance, anyone could tell that Twelve is an extremely laid-back and uncaring individual. He comes off as really weird and often rarely bats an eye most things that would cause a reaction in a normal person. Continuing that thought, he tends to not really take life too seriously. if opportunity comes his way, sure he'll take it but if it doesn't who cares. He'll do whatever he wants when he wants to do it, others opinions matter little to him.


"I've been this way for my whole life. Why change now and just for you? Someone who barely knows me? Lighten up a little, hehe. Life's too hectic to get mad at everythin'."


■ Speech:

× A bit sly and unpredictable. Anyone could definitely tell and hear the sheer amount of laziness and the uncaring attitude in his voice. His voice a bit on the deeper side and he usually speaks in a calm unenthusiastic tone.

■ Afflictions: 

× n/a

■ | Others: 

Other things abt the character that falls into this category

《 Others and Extras》

■ Physical Description:

× Tall, lanky built, thin figure.

Other Notes:

× Mouth is jagged with sharp teeth. His fangs usually stick out as well.

× His skin is probably similar to that of a sphynx cat or a maybe featherless chicken tbh

× His eyes have somewhat of a "cateye" makeup appearance. His eye lashes are also thick.

× He has two horns on both sides of his head. The horns can be drawn however as long as they are a bit bendy and keep the basic shape. Although artistic freedom is allowed.

× Hair is messy and can be any length-- short, longer whatever basically as long as he's not bald or shorter than in his ref.

× His face has no muzzle but if absolutely necessary, he can have one that's cat or rabbit like.

× fur on his cheeks is very long.. his face is a bit scruffy and he can also have chin fluff. 

  • keep in mind that he is basically a homeless man that probably has never shaved or cared abt doing basic hygiene before.. so feel free to use your own interpretations / play with this aspect of his design a bit

■ Abilities / Skills:

× Twelve is and expert at thievery and stealing. Although when it comes down to physical contact he rather run away than fight.

■ Breaking and entering:

Twelve is very skilled at petty thieveries such as, lock picking, pickpocketing and the like. He is know for being highly skilled at these things, being able to do them with little to no effort or being time consuming. 

■ Agility:

Twelve can actually run extremely fast when the situation demands it. Although he is usually lazy. When he sets his mind to it he can almost run faster than a car. (sometimes on all fours)

■ Powerful jaws and teeth:

Perhaps over the years of being on the street and having to survive on any he could find, Twelve has developed extremely powerful jaws and teeth. His jaws and teeth are strong enough to crush steel and other metals. 

■ Extra and Misc. Facts:

▪ Typically he wears no clothes but if he absolutely has to, he tents be seen with clothing that are tattered and well worn / worn-out. Basically anything he can get his hands on.

▪ He loves to wear and put hair clips in hair..

▪ Design is open to interpretation.

▪ He is not necessarily nocturnal but he tends to be more active at night.

▪ His love of eating literal trash and eating junk foods in general didn't come naturally. It's more of a thing he became accustom to after his years on the street.

▪He probably lives in a little box behind an alley or maybe an abandoned building

▪He absolutely loves to cook and he claims he's "Chef Ramsay" an expert in the finest dinning. In reality the only thing he can make is awful trash foods

Accessories / Inventory:

■ Hair clips