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Please be careful when viewing my profile because it may include:

-Quite a bit of gore. Halloween is when I make these types of art but sometimes may happen with my violent characters or characters who live in a manga/anime AU a lot more earlier than my other universes.

-Sad/dark topics like death and trauma (sometimes abuse too)

-Mentally broken characters

-Chaotic creatures

-Shirtless males (I'm not sure why they don't wear a shirt and just wear pants, it's their character I guess....)

-A goblin who doesn't wear pants (don't ask....)

-Different sexualities, genders, and representations

If these stuff don't bother you, great!

Warning please do not:

-ship my characters in any way unless I say they are in a relationship.

-draw any NSFW art for my characters in any way or have NSFW topics anywhere in here

-Claim my OCs to be your's I put a lot of love into making them and their personalities and stories so do not dare to steal my OCs

doing any of the inappropriate stuff will result in me blocking you

Ok now with that out of the way enjoy my stuff!

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