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General information

Full name: Delta

Nickname: Fish

Species: Blackfin shark mermaid


Sexuality: Homosexual

Gender: Female any pronoun (she doesn't care)

Height: 6 foot 4 (mostly tail)

Special Powers/ Abilities: She can breathe salt water, fresh water, or air. She can also produce a chemical that's irritating to the eyes, and can squirt that at people.

Personality: Very playful. She loves playing! Any game is fine with her. Her love for games often gets her in trouble, because she'll pick games over safety. This playful nature changes if she smells blood. Delta will go full blown predator mode at the scent of it, even if it's someone she knows.

Strengths: Sharp teeth, arrowdynamic

Weaknesses: Fear of birds, scared of heights, carnivorous nature, tonic immobility

Other Info: I first Saw Delta in a dream. That's where everything about her came from. Design, personality, backstory. The only thing not from the dream was her name.


Delta loves shiny things. That's the only reason she ever leaves the water willingly. She'll often get upset if the "cool shiny thing" turns out to be trash.

Delta has found many murder weapons. She's found bodies too. It's hard not to find that kind of stuff when you live underwater