Jacqui Sparks




Jacqui Sparks

the wayward witch

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🎵 ~ You're lamb and serpent just like me
 It's more than just superstition
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  • Name: Jacqueline Elizabeth Sparks
  • Species: ¼ Eastern Dragon / ¾ Human
  • Ethnicity: Chinese / Native Hawaiian
  • Birthday: April 8
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Agender
  • Pronouns: They / them
  • Orientation: Aromantic pansexual
  • Profession(s):
    • Novice witch
    • Restaurant cook


  • Skin: Tan w/ yellow-orange undertones
  • Hair: Bright red (darker red at the back of their head); mostly straight with a wave at the end; stops at their shoulders
  • Eyes: Vivid purple (w/ dark violet pupils)
  • Build: Stocky and athletic, w/ visible muscular definition on their legs
  • Height: 5’ 9” / 175 cm
  • Weight: ~150 lbs / ~68 kg
  • Other Characteristics...
    • Freckles on face, shoulders, forearms, back, and hips
    • Pronounced canines
    • Forked tongue
    • Scales on forearms, sides of calves


  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Enneagram: 5w6; self-preservation variant
  • Jung / MBTI: ISTP
  • Temperament: Phlegmatic / Melancholic
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Positive Traits: Creative, decisive, freethinking, individualistic, observant
  • Neutral Traits: Aggressive, aloof, impersonal, skeptical, willful
  • Negative Traits: Apathetic, callous, erratic, tactless, vain


Jacqui is a person of contradictions. They're smart, wily, and clever, but they do the first stupid thing that pops in their head. They're an artistic soul, sensitive to other's moods, yet utterly apathetic to people's plights. Jacqui is a willful, stubborn brat that not only doesn't listen to what anyone tells them, they will often do the exact opposite out of spite. They're also extremely asocial, and they do everything in their power to avoid social situations.




  • Pyrokinesis — Like most pyrokinetics, Jacqui can produce their own flames; however, this concentrates itself in their mouth and throat, essentially letting them breathe fire. They can also control an existing fire, but this is much harder for them to do. This power is very prone to flaring up during times of extreme emotional distress, and Jacqui has to keep an eye on their emotions because of it.
  • Curse — Jacqui's luck is so bad that they have learned how to spread it to other people. People affected by it have small yet noticeably inconvenient events constantly happen to them at first, like losing a set of keys, burning a meal, or ruining a favorite shirt. However, these events will escalate in seriousness bit by bit until they become life-threatening. These events will keep happening until the affected person finds a way to lift the curse or Jacqui lifts it themselves.


  • Choker — A red band of leather adorned with a triangular bronze charm. Feels heavier to the touch than it should. Slightly increases luck and greatly decreases magic.
  • Grimoire — A half-full leather-bound notebook. The writing inside is erratic and difficult to decipher. Increases intelligence and wisdom.
  • Smartphone — A one-generation-behind model fitted with a neon yellow case. Multiple spellcasting apps have been installed. Slightly increases intelligence and magic.


There was something immediately off about the newborn the nervous, novice parents presented to their coven. Was it the infant already sporting the bright colorful hair typical of a seasoned caster? Was it the piercing violet eyes that stared into your soul? Or was it whenever the babe cried, they would become too hot to hold and an object in their vicinity would spontaneously catch fire?

The high priestess of the coven needed only one look at the infant’s eccentricities. This child’s mere existence is a bad omen.

From day one, Jacqui was the black sheep of their parents’ coven. The priestess had an iron grip on her members, and her word was law: Jacqueline Sparks must not be taught magic. Were the children of the other members outside on the mansion grounds or in the apothecary, learning magic from their elders bit by bit? Then Jacqui was sequestered in the library, idly flipping through the (non-magic) books under an elder's watchful eye. Was there a magic festival or a celebration the coven was going to? Jacqui found themselves unable to leave the mansion most of the time, running headfirst into wards that the rest of the coven passed through without a thought. Despite this, Jacqui’s powers only grew more volatile with age, and with little to no outlets, Jacqui began having unpredictable outbursts that were nigh-impossible to contain.

The situation only worsened once Jacqui’s parents stopped homeschooling them and enrolled them in middle school, allowing the burgeoning tween to dive headfirst in delinquency at the first opportunity. Skipping school, shoplifting, trespassing – Jacqui was dragged back home by the cops so many times most of the coven knew several officers by name. The outbursts grew in intensity during this time, causing Jacqui to rack up several charges of arson as well.

The worst outburst happened when the priestess summoned Jacqui to her office. If someone asks Jacqui what went down, they’ll claim they don’t remember what happened that day, and that’s mostly the truth – the bits and pieces of sensations they’ve managed to recall isn’t nearly enough to give them a solid idea of what happened. All they know for sure is that one second the high priestess was closing the door behind them, and the next several coven members were struggling to pull them off her as the office was going up in flames.

With the priestess in critical condition, and Jacqui earning themselves their own room in the emergency department, their parents finally decided to tell Jacqui the truth about their heritage. That one of Jacqui’s grandparents was a dragon, and an ancient one to boot. That all this time these outbursts were their draconian heritage trying to break through. That they never said anything about because Jacqui’s mother never developed any powers connected to it, so they thought any kids she had wouldn’t, either.

And as soon as Jacqui was released, their parents unceremoniously dumped them on their grandparent’s doorstep and disappeared into the ether.

Xiang Ru, a massive river dragon, immediately went about giving xer grandchild the training and guidance that was so sorely needed. Ru taught Jacqui everything xe could, from simple exercises to complex rituals, and made sure xer new ward was as comfortable as possible. Jacqui warmed up to xer excruciatingly slowly, but soon came to appreciate their new guardian.

Now, a few years later, and Jacqui’s high school years have passed without (much) incident. They graduated by the skin of their teeth, and are currently working part-time at Ru’s café and living in the loft above. They’re mostly content with their life; however, with Ru as their mentor and getting a taste of real power, they’ve grown to want more – maybe they can persuade Ru to go over some of the heavier, taboo stuff...


  • Zeus CloudbankPartner-in-crime. Pyromaniac asshole friends that brood together and share a braincell whenever they're together. Jacqui likes sitting in when Zeus starts experiments with their magic.
  • Lei XiangOlder cousin. Jacqui can't fucking stand her.



  • Book(s): Historical, comics, true crime
  • Drink(s): Mango-flavored lemonade, energy drinks
  • Food(s): Chili macaroni, anything spicy
  • Fashion Style: Witchy goth / grunge; gothic grunge; with a splash of neonpunk; fishnets, fingerless gloves, and neon accents
  • Movies / TV: History documentaries, bad infomercials
  • Music: Dubstep, electronica, Vocaloid
  • Hobbies: Biking, photography, urban exploration
  • Interests: Conspiracy theories, coding, street dancing
  • Other Likes: Getting new clothes, magical artifacts
  • Dislikes: Authority, people bothering their stuff, waiting


  • Animal: Phelsuma laticuda
  • Colors: Scarlet, violet, and gold
  • Elements: Fire, Metal
  • Flower / Plant: Alpinia purpurata
  • Mineral: Gold
  • Playing Card: King of Diamonds
  • Scents: Cinnamon, sea foam, smoke
  • Sin | Virtue: Sloth | Patience


  • Due to not getting any proper training with their powers when they were a kid, Jacqui's throat and vocal cords are heavily damaged. They can still speak, but they sound like a longtime smoker, and they can't speak for long before coughing. They prefer to speak with sign language because of this.
  • Jacqui's hoarding instincts has been seriously skewed, as well. Even after staying with Ru for a while, Jacqui still has a serious case of sticky fingers and will grab anything they can get their hands on.