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Name Song
Age 20
Height 165cm
Species Maine Coon
Gender Unknown
Sexuality Gay
Pronouns None or They
Occupation Model
Favourite genre Psychological
Worldview Materialistic
Design Notes

  • Outfit reference, dresses smart
  • Draw as androgynous as possible
  • Hair on head always goes backwards
  • Chest is flat, do not draw otherwise

Song is in all forms, including physical, made of love. This however, does not mean they are loving, in fact they're rather cold, perhaps a better word to describe them would be standoffish. It's in their best interest to keep everyone at an arm's length, they enjoy having their own space and find others confusing and relationships trivial. Song's problem is that they're not interested in others but they hate loneliness.


Always at odds with the world, Song sought thrills in the finer things in life rather than the people. Ever the heart breaker, their heart never stays somewhere for long and they find themselves moving on after two months at most. Despite how loving they are, how they give and romance, sometimes Song doubts their ability to love at all. Their mysterious aura leaves a trace wherever they go, touching the hearts of most people or at least ruffling some feathers.

Song lacks a raison d'être, something that haunts them with every step they take. Their loneliness often becomes them, but they simply hate when other's get close to them. It feels like they'll eventually leave and when they do their semblance of identity will vanish with them. Not much is disclosed about Song's life, they don't have the best relationship with their family and often scorn that of others. Lately they've been pondering over starting to work but lack the motivation to do so, much like they lack much of anything.


  • Musicals
  • Netflix marathons
  • Going abroad
  • Reading
  • Their life

  • Car rides
  • Loud noise
  • The weak willed
  • Nagging
  • Their family

Gracen | Tolerable person

They're both indifferent and that's fine. Gracen and Song are the type of 'friends' who's idea of hanging out is sitting on the couch in total silence watching a movie. To onlookers this would seem bizarre but it's an everyday activity to them.

Hanbi | Tolerable person

Doesn't try hard to be their friend. Was in a band Song liked a lot and met her in the street once, they exchanged numbers but rarely text. Hanbi isn't fazed by Song's attitude and mannerisms and Song doesn't absolutely hate being around her.

Tanager | Tolerable person

Song sees something in them they cannot explain. They protest that it's simply impossible to be unkind to Tana but we all know the truth. Sometimes they play the piano for Song and Song sings along, other times they cloud watch.