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All That Glitters - Jeweller


Hi, my name is Windspiel.

I know there is much I could tell you  about my life, for it was a rather unusual and exciting one, but...  well, the truth is, most of it wasn't a very nice story. Or at least not  a very happy one. If I tell you I started my life as a nice, cream  Celinox male, then maybe you can start to imagine where I'm coming from.

Yes, my life changed. A lot. And I changed, a lot. And often.
You  see, I pretty much lived at the Zappers. Not as an experiment, at least  not intentionally and not all the time. I just lived in the general  area. And sometimes the guy opperating this not quite as fine-tuned  machine controlled the direction of the ray a little less well than he  said he did.

Yes, those times he tells you the ray did nothing to  your pet? It didn't because it hit someone else. Or maybe because it  really didn't work, I'm not sure. All I know is, I got hit, and hit bad,  more than once. And the first time it hit me - right at the start of  puberty no less - it turned me into a she. And even through all  subsequent zapps, shape, color, species and whatnot, all those years I  spent there, that was the one thing that did not change.

So I  resigned myself to live as a girl, changing from one ugly shape to the  next, somehow trying to make the best of it. And like the other girls -  or part-time girls - in the area, I took some solace in accessories and  jewelery, playing and experimenting even the most grotesque body would  look like something to show on a catwalk. It didn't always work, but it  helped. Diamonds make everything better, and so do ribbons.

Well,  one day, the big zappy machine remembered it could to gender changes  too, and finally turned me into a boy again. Don't take me wrong - I  learned to love dressing up, and I still love jewels, but I was born a  boy and I'm meant to be one. I was a girl, I was treated like a girl, I  even acted like a girl and in some ways still do, but I'm a boy and I  like being a boy.
I couldn't tell you exactly why I do, or what I like about it, except that this is the way I'm meant to be, and want to be.

It  took me a whil to find someone who understood. Pfoetchen did, she even  gave me a potion that changed me into something different than what the  Zapper had made me - not quite the Cream Celinox I used to be, but I  feel quite good as a Spectrum Malticorn. I feel like myself in that  shape, and I'm still pretty, so all is well for me.

Pfoetchen also gave me a room in her mansion, nice and far from the dreadful machine, and I found a boy who likes me.
And  yes, in that regard, I still think like a girl. It might be because I  spent puberty as a girl between other girls, but I do like boys. And I'm  glad the one I fell in love with loves me as a boy, too, because I'm  not sure I would have wanted to change into a girl ever again, even for  him. Sternenjaeger takes me as I am, and I'm truly grateful for that.