Full name Pala Amjad Winstead
Age 16
Height 5'3" / 1.60m
Pronouns She/her
Resides in Havaiki City, Havaiki

I wrote Pala a theme song: Summer by the Sea!


A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!
Pala is a minor! Please don't use her in NSFW games.

To Pala, there's no such thing as "too strange". New knowledge excites her easily, the more bizarre the better, and when something excites her, it will consume her, heart and soul.

Expressive, honest, blunt, and very forgetful, Pala speaks and acts in a manner that can be hard to keep up with. She has an obsession with drawing, and is never seen far from her sketchbook. Her notebooks are full of sketches of things that interest her: an odd dented pot on the roadside, the shape of a baluster, other oddities in daily life that would go missed by most. These are interspersed with an array of distorted maps of places around the island of Havaiki.

Having little regard for what's considered normal, she tends to behave however she pleases, earning her a reputation among her schoolmates for being eccentric. She loves spaces possessing a liminal charm—empty shops at night, school hallways after hours, bare rooftops. She is convinced that she possesses a sixth sense that allows her to perceive the physical space of Havaiki as a rippling and tattered fabric, but most think these are delusions, and are frightened rather than excited for her.

Teachers and employers know Pala to be diligent and imaginative, with boundless excitement for her interests. Many adults connect with her surprisingly well. But others, especially of her age, are afraid they don't understand her well enough to relate. Though she does her best to forge bonds, none of them ever seem to stick, and she has but a single close friend in Fen.


Pala is smart, curious and artistically-inclined. The last of these traits would possibly be what most people would find outstanding, if not for…well, the rest of her personality. At around the age of eight she began to experience strange, and often sickening, sensations while travelling from place to place: sometimes, spaces she passed through seemed to stretch, warp or tear, as if she were a design woven into a rippling piece of fabric, and every so often she would suffer spells of nausea and vomiting as a result.

Describing these experiences to others only ever resulted in two things happening: her parents took her to the mental clinic at once; her schoolmates labelled her a lunatic and treated as such. She began instead to keep a record of these perceptions in the form of maps of places she frequented, distorted as she perceived them to be.

The only person who ever believed her was Fen, whom she met by coincidence in school one day. He was the only other student who seemed to share in her nonchalance for bizarreness and was not in the least surprised by her mannerisms. They became fast friends, and defended each other against the rest of the students, helping each other through their difficulties and darkest moments.

During summer on the year she turned sixteen, Pala took up a job at the Promenade Hotel, where she works under her manager, Kalani, lighting up the hotel facade with pictures that often double as coded jabs at their rivals across the river, the Red Lotus Hotel.

FenFen is possibly the only person Pala would refer to as a friend. Both were rather lonely when they met, respectively distant from their schoolmates. They hit off almost immediately, over various trials and tribulations; their friendship is forged in fire, and nothing short of a blessing to each other's lives despite its less enjoyable turns. It is founded on mutual understanding and support, and Pala has come to see herself as heavily indebted to Fen due to certain events during the course of their friendship. For the past two years she has consistently brought him his homework on days when he is absent.
KalaniPala has found working under Kalani rather pleasant and fuss-free thus far, especially seeing as her chief duties concern the evening light-up: a daily event that Kalani has made clear is a point of great pride and significance to her. Pala sees her boss' love for spectacular imagery as a mirror of her own artistic imaginings.
ParentsPala's family is not particularly close,and relationships tend to be held together by obligation. Beyond providing for her, their brand of helpfulness almost completely excludes any awareness of her personal preferences and wishes: they've forced on her an idea of who they want her to be. Pala's frequent complaints go unheeded most of the time; frustratingly to her, they seem to think they know what she needs better than she does.
  • Pala is in the tenth grade—the first year of high school in Havaiki. She performs well in math and horrendously in anything involving essay-writing.
  • She's been diagnosed with half a dozen things by different professionals, but they all agree she's autistic (and she thinks so too).
  • She's trilingual: able to speak English, Japanese and Havaikian Hindi.
  • Pala prefers to wear the summer uniform of her school, Havaiki West High School, for as long as she can through the year because she does not like the tie that comes with the winter uniform. Havaiki's winters are fairly mild, making this quite easy for her.
  • She loves and collects maps. And also fidget spinners, ever since she found out about them.