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suzanami's commission info


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contact me via email for all commissions inquiries! sunnybunch(A)gmail.com. please read all terms at the bottom of this page before inquiring! you can check and see the progress on my queue of commissions here!

**NOTE** I also accept Very Good quality G1 My Little Ponies in exchange for art! you can email or PM me to get my wishlist if you’re interested!


chibi - $12

+$7 per additional character, +$3 per character for shading. includes Animal Crossing neighbors & mayors!

Samples: [ ] [ ] [ ]

bust - $18

only one character per image, +$3 for shading.

Samples: [ ] [ ] [ ]

hips-up - $25

+$15 per additional character, +$5 per character for shading.

Samples: [ ] [ ] [ ]

full body - $35

+$25 per additional character, +$5 per character for shading.

Samples: [ ] [ ] [ ]

MLP/goatling - $15

+$10 per additional character, +$3 per character for shading.

Samples: [ ] [ ] [ ]

will draw

  • original characters as well as fanart.
  • character portraits, human, anthro, & anything humanoid.
  • MLP ponies and goatlings. my MLP style is very G1 inspired!
  • your Animal Crossing character/mayor and neighbors.
  • weapons incl guns (not my strong suit but I will try!) & cigarettes/alcohol.
  • blood is fine, some light gore is probably okay!
  • nudity, pinups, & smut. please keep poses/angles simple. will do some fluids but nothing excessive.

won't draw

  • macho/rough/gritty/hard features and anatomy. this won't end well for either of us.
  • non-MLP or goatlings quadropedal animals, sorry. (& no FiM style ponies; my ponies are always in my own style!)
  • cars, bikes, machinery, mecha, etc.
  • no realism, no backgrounds/settings, no furniture.
  • nudity/smut is fine but if it feels especially crass I may decline (detailed close-up spread eagle, for example)
  • no fetish at this time.


  1. please be familiar with my art style. if you want a rugged, hard, muscled dude, you're commissioning the wrong artist!
  2. no group pictures over 5 people. additional character discounted price only applies to the first two extras, additional characters after that are full-priced.
  3. if there is a ton of detailing (body markings, armor, etc) then I may add a few additional dollars at my discretion (this is usually $2-$5 at the most)
  4. you don't have to send payment until I send you a preview of the lineart! I won't color and finish the drawing until I've received the payment in full.
  5. if you wish to cancel the commission after receiving the lineart preview, you must still pay 30% of the total. you can cancel at any time before I finish the lineart at no charge!
  6. you must have an image reference, NOT a bunch of images to give me an idea what the character looks like. actual reference picture.
  7. let me know if you do NOT want me to post the image online. if it's fanart (not your OC) I reserve the right to use the image on prints, stickers, etc.
  8. you're welcome to repost the watermarked version of the image anywhere online. you are free to do anything non-profit with the image!
  9. all payment must be via PayPal. please don't send as a gift, send as payment for goods/services and make sure to specify that there is no shipping address needed!
  10. all commissions communication via email, please! not PMs on various sites, it's too hard for me to keep all that straight.
  11. my turnaround time for commissions can be anywhere between a couple days and a couple months. I do not take commissions with deadlines, sorry!

how to order

please include all the below information when you email me with your query! you don't have to fill it out as a copy/paste survey, just make sure it's all included :) also check my commission status (open or closed) at the top of this page first, and look at my queue to see how many people are ahead of you; I prioritize commissions by first come first serve when possible.

please include:

name & username on a certain site if applicable: so I can tag you on tumblr, FA, goatlings, etc :)

paypal email: ----

commission type: ---

image references: (not necessary if a fandom I know)

specifics such as pose, expression, clothing, etc: ---

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