It me.

well-meaning // gentle // dopey

Story: Various (RP)
Setting: The Rootbeer Float (pirate ship), usually
Created: 2014


Personification of my username (hej/hedge, short for hedgemaze), used for art and roleplay with friends. She's me, but also kind of her own character. Check the tabs for art of her different forms.

  • some kind of sentient topiary or tree nymph? idk she's a hej
  • can grow and trim herself into different shapes. she's usually a potted azalea bush with glasses and a pink blossom over her left temple, but she can also be a humanoid topiary when she needs legs or a dryad kind of thing when she wants to feel badass
  • she can also use this ability to blend in anywhere there are plants. or to, say, be a topiary horse steed if needed
  • doesn't have eyes in the usual sense, and needs glasses or some other kind of lens set into her leaves to see-- but she pretends like she can see without them in dryad form anyway. gotta look cool
  • she doesn't really have other special powers, but she can talk to other plants. a little dumb and doesn't really understand artificial plants and why they can't speak
  • she means well and is nice, but pls don't try to eat her or roll her up and smoke her o:<
  • not sure if poisonous or if she just tells people that to prevent the above. she's not in any way powerful or dangerous otherwise
  • c: o: c:< o:< that's her whole range of emotions (oops that's also my whole range of emotions)
  • extremely susceptible to being beep hooped
  • part of a pirate crew (including, among others: circlejourney's Circlejourney, TDDog's Dog, njike's Manjike, and Raddishes' OP)
  • was once in a love triangle with Everyle's houseplant Dave and the province of Quebec
  • was never once shipped with my actual future wife's persona; friends, you let me down
  • loves her son and thinks he has never done anything wrong
  • team skins all the way
  • the crowning moment of her life was killing John Cena live on PPV in 2015
  • it's fine, she's still the faciest face who's ever faced
  • 2-time canon artist champ and don't you forget it bub

Theme Song: Walk the Dinosaur - Was (Not Was)

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits