Legit, 100%, my first Oc I have ever made. She was created when I was 10 years old, an Oc based on the Penguins of Madagascar TV show, as that is my childhood. She has grown and changed throughout the years, becoming an insert for many fandoms, and is my ultimate comfort and nostalgia in life. I adore her, for she is a part of my past self I never want to loose.

I strongly connected her as a character (not just as penguin) to other childhood fandoms, so she has gone under several different names through different settings. I have yet to decide for her present appearance as I can never settle on a single look. It's really odd for me to consider her a "fursona" or draw her in "anthro style."

If anyone can draw her in PoM art style, or Dreamworks for that matter, I would be forever in your debt to the end of time.