Ryleagh's Comments

Okay, I LOVE the opening lines to her bio. That's amazing. That's actually amazing. Ryleagh sounds like such an interesting character. Her blog sounds really cool and I'd follow that tbh ;;; She lives for people who get her name and pronouns wrong? Oh dear, I wonder what she does to them omg... She's such an interesting character though. The idea of somebody being so untouchable and avoiding questions about their personal life strikes a real interest in me lol. Also I really really like her design and the colours in her hair. They suit her and fit her well?? Overall I just really do like Ryleagh! ♥

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment!! This made my day. :)

I'm really glad you like her; I love her too, and I'm really excited to get to write her in my comic. This is a new take on a character I've had for a long time, and I think she's going to be very fun to work with, haha.