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name; Kanon
bday; November 11
age; 18
height; 5'3"

visual notes; 

  • A mole under her lip on her left side (our right). 
  • Curly hair. 
  • Large breasts for her size. 
  • Her white skirt is slightly opaque and see through.

official ref;

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A fiery and optimistic girl who doesn't know how to give up. When faced with adversity, she feels even more fired up and inspired to overcome it. Rather naive, though not necessarily her fault as she's a secret from the world. Despite her can-do attitude, she's also prone to fits of pouting- mostly when she gets into a fight with those close to her. She may be filled with passion and dreams big, but her feet are firmly planted on the ground, choosing to see the reality around her. That doesn't mean she agrees with it, and will do damn near anything to ensure a different outcome. 


The younger of twin princess sisters who were kidnapped from their dying kingdon, Von Lazte, and forced to live in another; the Kingdom of Xilenn. Kanon is aware she's not human, though isn't fully sure what she is, and thinks that's a reason she's going to be forced to marry the eldest prince when they're both of age and ready to ascend to the throne. She keeps in contact secretly with her big sister through carrier pigeon, and becomes more and more frustrated that they're forced to live their lives in hiding and not to be known to others until they marry into the royal families. 

Eventually, Kanon has had enough of her life being the best kept secret in the castle, and will quietly sneak away to uncover the truth about herself, her sister, and their kingdom. 

hobbies, noteworthy quirks, insp for poses; 

  • She loves simple street foods and vendors.  It's a treat she was never allowed to have. Once she finally escapes the castle walls, she insists on trying food from all of them. The street foods includes ones such as dango, takoyaki, crepes, anything that you'd find in a stall or vendor! 
  • She's also a fan of sweets, though her most favorites are the subtle sweetness. Green tea ice cream is her absolute favorite. Vanilla is a close second, she firmly believes chocolate is meant to be eaten as a topping or to add sweetness to something else, rather than alone.

notable relationships;

  • Estelle; Her elder twin sister and fellow princess from a kingdom that fell to sickness long ago. They are extremely close, and come to each other for love, support and advice. Neither girl has ever kept a secret from one another and absolutely indulge in telling the other about their love life, crushes, romance and all. Kanon definitely acts like the younger sister around Estelle, often being the louder, poutier and energetic one. She wants nothing less than to show Estelle around her kingdom and teach her all about their customs and traditions! 
  • Ryuu; The younger prince brother in the Xilenn Kingdom that kidnapped Kanon. While she was set up to marry his older brother, Kanon finds herself more attracted to Ryuu. Which is tough, as they butt heads 99% of the time. They can be rather sharp tongued at each other, but they're just retaliating as kids do. Ryuu is the classic tsundere, especially towards Kanon. As Kanon changes her tactics and becomes softer and sweeter to Ryuu, it ends up melting his guard and allowing the two to get closer- like they both wanted. Eventually, they'll give in to desires and turn their relationship romantic.