Adagio Deuxchamps



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Adagio Deuxchamps



「Okay ladies, let's get in reformation.]

Adagio Cadenze Deuxchamps

Male | He/Him


Sphynx Cat

February 3rd


Blackrain Bay

Drag Queen/Influencer




Get Down
Theme Song


Favorite food: Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce and Spicy Sour Cream
Favorite soft drink: Peach soda with one single cherry tossed in.
Favorite alcoholic drink: N/A
Zodiac: Aquarius sun, Capricorn Moon, Pisces Rising.
Of French/Italian origin.
His accent isn’t as pronounced as his cousin’s but that’s just because he has the gayest voice ever.
Don’t be tricked by his skinny queen look… he eats a LOT.
Makeup is always on point, how much he uses depends on how feminine or masculine he’s feeling that particular day.
Three years sober! No drinks at all please, but he won’t say no to a nice soda with a little parasol.

4'9” | 145 cm

Rosy pink & blueish gray
Fur tone

Body type

Blueish Gray

77 lbs | 35 kg

Sky Blue

Dress Style

Extremely long claws



Doesn’t have a ton of hair but owns a LOT of wigs so can have any color and/or hairstyle.
Sheer fabrics are a favorite.
Designer clothes all the way.
Multiple ear piercings.
Wears a LOT of jewelry.

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[The perfect mix of a sassy queen and a trash gremlin. Adagio is a very loud guy, flamboyant and proud as can be. Gio likes to be the center of attention and knows his looks can get him there. Yes, he is most definitely not a bright crayon, after all he has the heart, not the brains. The naked cat wears his heart on his sleeve for the most part, he is not afraid to show emotion, whether it is fake or real. He still holds a lot of his child-like wonder despite the difficulties he experienced through his life. It’s this child-like behavior that makes him very easy to influence and play games with. He is, overall, a fun loving guy! Even his temper tantrums and angry moments are hilarious, almost cartoonish. It might take a bit for Gio to share his vulnerable side but, if he does, please be gentle and don’t break his heart.]

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Starlight, Light, Emotion
Usable Domains

Senka, The Mother of Mysteries
Chosen By

A Star is Born!

Domains of Spell

With a small twirl of an arm Gio can summon a string of stars of different sizes, never bigger than his hand, and move them around as he pleases. A big favorite is simply as earrings or a crown to adorn his head. This spell is mostly used for his Aesthetics™, the stars can give off a small glimmer and sparkle kind of like fairy lights. These stars can be used like individual long range projectiles which can explode upon contact, leaving a trail of stardust. Gio constantly keeps this spell up cause he thinks it’s cute but it can be imbued with his other domains for different effects.

Celestial Navigation

Starlight, Light
Domains of Spell

With the addition of the light domain, Gio’s stars can shine brightly to be a source of light in dark spaces… or simply be used to give the perfect lighting for a selfie or a personal stage light! The stars can suck the light off any object around them to increase their intensity. If used as projectiles the explosion will detonate a flash bomb, able to blind whoever is around the cat for a few seconds.

When Stars Collide

Starlight, Emotion
Domains of Spell

When imbued with emotion magic Gio can link the emotions between two people he decides to lend a star to. The more stars used, the stronger the shared emotion will be. This spell is mostly used as a way to solve conflict and he’s sworn to never use it without explicit consent. This type of stars cannot be used as exploding projectiles but should he try they would just do a harmless slap to people before poofing into stardust.

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Tw: underage drinking, illicit substances, alcoholism & exposure to adult entertainment

Adagio was the only son to the youngest of the Deuxchamps’ siblings. Like everyone in the family the boy was expected to dip his little naked paws into the world of the arts from a young age. He was raised alongside his cousin Camille, both kittens being extremely close and only their appearance kept everyone from thinking they were twins as they did everything together. Gio was an inquisitive kitten, always curious about the world, his parents were always traveling and bringing him trinkets and pictures from all around the world, which fed into his wondrous mind. During these times he was left under the care of one of his uncles, he wasn’t fond of the man but was okay being around him… he was what the kids would call… a bit of a creep.

You see, the old man was a fan of the more… adult forms of entertainment. Bars and strip clubs were the most visited places and, very old school, had expectations for the boy to be a “real man” and enjoy these places and scenes like any respectable macho man would. At first the kid was too young for the old man to have an excuse to take the kitten with him, but on his 15th birthday he was deemed “man enough” to come over, join him in one of his escapades… and Gio was horrified… he had no real interest in seeing these naked ladies serve and please weird, perverts like his aging uncle, it made him uncomfortable. The constant shoving alcoholic drinks his way, the nasty smell of old cigars in small buildings making him cough and gag… The poor teen excused himself, running out to the back alley for some air when his eyes caught onto a different scene. Giant heels, the longest lashes he could have ever imagined, intense makeup and the most powerful personality he could have ever imagined. Beckoning him into a small club, in the more conspicuous areas of the city. Drag Queens, making the crowd laugh and gasp at their wit and looks.

Adagio was obsessed, this art form was the exact opposite of what his old uncle tried to instill into him. Gender roles? Being a manly man??? Getting a lot of women? Pshhh… it was all but a game. In this small club a paying customer was always welcome, and this boy had more cash than most adults attending. The queens, getting used to his presence and generous tips, introduced him into the world of burlesque entertainment. It didn’t take much to convince him into getting into full drag and attempting a gig, just for funsies, they were all friends there right? I won’t lie and say he was a success, he was beautiful for sure but he was young and unsure of himself. Tripped several times and got stuck with jokes. He was no comedy queen? But he would try his damndest and his new found queer “family” was there to help him, and that meant the world. His feelings and thoughts were important here! He felt heard for once, and started hanging more with these people than his actual family. As the years passed and he grew up he became a regular at the cabaret, waiting tables in drag, he slowly found his style, his look and feel and things started to look up… and down at the same time.

Gio got used to having several drinks a night, from happy patrons that were glad to buy the pretty guy a drink to a celebratory round after every successful gig. Alcohol turned into other substances fast, the night life slowly taking over the still very young cat. His family knew of his new job and all, they weren’t very fond of it, but they loved their child so of course they supported his love for the art of drag… not the drinking and substances though, and they noticed the boy was getting home later and later, he started losing weight, eating poorly and sleeping way too much. Dating? Impossible as he got called an amount of slurs by people who thought he was faking his identity by looking “too much like a girl”. His jolly temper turned into anger and annoyance at their concerns and their talks of perhaps pursuing therapy and rehabilitation. His worried mother turned to the only person who might be able to help: Camille.

His cousin was the only member of the family that kept up with his life, even attending his shows from time to time and helping however she could; Gio was incredibly fond and grateful to her and playing to his soft spots seemed to work. It took a LOT, but the young man was convinced into listening to his parents and find the help he needed.

Moving to Arcana

A few years after he got released from the rehabilitation center, Adagio found himself looking for where to start over. He couldn’t go back home, with the same crowds. As much of a support system they seemed to be, it was a tricky place to go back to, the same routine might make him get back to his old habits… no, he needed something different and, once again, it was his cousin who gave him the answer… a new life in Lune de Miel.