Kalani's Comments

She's so wonderful oh man... She kind of gives me the vibe of an NPC you'd see in a video game? Like she's got those quirks that would lead real well for sidequests or something trying to figure out her "mystery". On the other hand, I can 100% see a sort of romcom movie out of her and Peyton's lives as they get into the hotel business, lmao.

Suuper late reply sorry! This is actually 100% accurate, she's a side character of the story, but as far as side characters go, she's one of my faves. I really wanted her to have her own life and history, and I think that always makes for interesting "NPC" characters who feel like people rather than plot devices, even though they don't show up much! I actually would love to see/create said romcom show/story? At least, I'm getting more motivated to do that as time goes on haha. Thanks so much for the comment!

I look forward to seeing what you do with everyone!!

I LOVE HER. I love that she's both immensely secretive while also being showy! I could imagine her shouting something across the riverbank like "If your hotel doesn't have a cannon that shoots confetti at the front door, what's the point?" While Peyton quietly shakes their head, or something. She sounds so fun!

Yes she probably actually has confetti guns somewhere in the hotel that she breaks out on big days lmao, Peyton would just think it's a huge waste of money

It's a good investment, in my opinion! XD

"You're HIRED!"