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  • Name Etien [e-thi-en]
  • Age 21
  • Gender Male*
  • Height 168cm
  • Orientation Bi/pan
  • Type Dainty (common)
  • Birthday 2.10 (Libra)
  • Alignment Neutral Good
  • Occupation Singer/Idol | Model
  • Saliva taste Raspberry soda
  • Voice Example 1 | Example 2
  • MusicX & X

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“I don’t know what possessed me to buy that,” Etien said and rubbed his temples, a tired, almost sour expression on his face. “Please don’t tell my manager, she is going to kill me.”

A world known singer and an occasional model, Etien’s life is busy and filled with meetings, recordings, interviews, photo sessions and other work-related things. He debuted in a musical at the age of 18 where his skills and talent were discovered, and after that started performing solo under a recording company, occasionally doing modeling jobs as well.

His idol persona is friendly and charming but with a hint of coolness to it, acting like a prince who nobody can quite reach despite his kindness towards others. Hardships of his past have taught him the importance of doing one's best and connecting with others, and so he is strongly emotionally connected to his fans and audience, dedicating his time for them even outside of his given work. It's very important for him to see people as individuals, and he can go to great lengths in order to live by his personal honor code. However, he is not all that good at seeing his own limits and can easily overwork himself, and he doesn’t seem have very much free time - almost as if he is avoiding it.

Friendly and polite but also somewhat self-indulgent, Etien has a bad habit of making self indulgent decisions and impulse buys and then regretting them a few hours after - only to do the same thing again. He's very materialistic and likes to own things, although at least part of it is also tied to his poor coping methods where he thinks buying more things will make him happier - and, somehow, they often do. Being more than aware of owning one too many things however, Etien often donates away the things he no longer needs. He's also known for holding a charity every year raising funds for LGBT+ youth and bringing awareness to the issues. He's moderately open about his own status as a transgender man, but usually prefers not to discuss his body or identity with others.

Is practically best friends with Kipinä, a unicorn working under the same record label as him. Also affiliated with Laverne.


Etien is a dainty on the taller side, being 168cm tall with long legs and long upper body. Although his body type is close to a hourglass, his features seem somewhat stretched out, and he has a tendency to hide his curves with smart clothing, giving more focus on his shoulders in particular. His skin is light but not pale, with a healthy colour to it, and is mostly smooth and lacks moles or freckles aside from one mole under his left eye. His body is enduring thanks to his hard training, and although muscle doesn’t show very clearly on his body, it’s mostly muscle. He also has slight, barely noticeable surgery scars around his nipples.

Etien has caramel brown hair with a soft and fluffy texture, with the tips of his hair curling up considerably and giving a very round look to his hair. His hair is cut in a manner that is supposed to be kept on a ponytail, with a layered cut. When opened, his hair reaches his mid-back, but looks rather bland and shapeless like that. He has natural white strands of hair on his hair, focusing in the middle of his head. His sheep ears are the same colour as his hair with pink insides, and he has a pair of long horns growing out of his head, brown in colour. He has a long but small, pointy nose and blue eyes he usually puts red makeup around to put more focus on them. His mouth is small and somewhat narrow, with pink lips.

Like all dainties, Etien also has permanent stockings. His are pinkish-white in colour, with heavily decorated lace around the thigh part with ribbos around each of them. On both sides of each stocking there is a notesheet-like pattern in a slightly darker colour, with seamless dots around. He usually also decorates his stockings with various clip-ons, usually small wings with pearls around his ankles (2 wings on each hoof). Because of his profession as an idol, Etien has a large wardrobe with a lot of variance to it. However, he generally wears light clothes, and on stage his usual character type is a royal knight, his costumes usually matching this theme.


Etien’s work and civilian personas are surprisingly close to each other: hard working and optimistic, he keeps to his promises and means what he says. During work time he tends to appear more polite and overly charming though, with a certain kind of emotional distance to people despite being seemingly extremely friendly and good natured. He has a lot of pressure on his shoulders as someone who is is an idol, especially an idol belonging into a minority, and Etien is very careful of how he wants to portray himself in public. Because of his gender, Etien feels like he needs to present the most favorable image possible while on duty: he has no room for imperfection even when in public places during his free time, unless thoroughly disguised. He fears being anything less than successful in his job and public appearances will result in his gender being made a big deal, as scoop magazines often do despite them having nothing to do with the mess-ups - it’s merely an excuse to get voyeuristic about a private matter sadly still seen as a juicy topic for many. Resulting from this, Etien is actually glad about his lack of free time, as it gives him less chances of forgetting himself and mess up. 

In his civilian life he is a tad more hedonistic and loose-tongued, sometimes acting a little pampered when with his manager or people closest to him. Etien takes everything out of the privileged life he now has, sometimes inconveniencing his manager by requesting things to be arranged for him, giving the woman extra work in handling those things for Etien. He tends to operate on a “treat yourself” sort of ideology, thinking his past sufferings have earned him the right to take all out of the situation he is now in - and it’s not like it’s wrong, as he usually isn’t horribly unreasonable or rude about it in the first place. In addition, Etien tends to regret his impulse actions after a while, especially if he realizes he has inconvenienced someone. He still deeply cares for others and intentionally tries to be kind even when he doesn't feel like being nice, and despite his oftentimes emotional clumsiness it's usually clear to people when he's trying to be considerate or comfort you.

Etien is known to be highly independent, and although he loves being pampered, he is fast to shoulder things alone and try to handle them without the help of anything else - after all, this is what he has gotten used to doing in his past, and he still has trouble letting other people have any control over things that truly matter to him. In the same vein he holds onto his opinions very strongly, and is not good with fundamental changes: he is adjustable with things like performing in different countries and traveling with a fast notice, but changing parts of himself or his deeply rooted ways is often difficult for him. He can be a slow learner because of this (and the fact he takes a lot of time to chew the information he is given), but on the other hand this also makes sure that wheien learns something, he really will learn it right down to every little detail. He's dutiful and even responsible when it really comes down to it, but it's true he often heavily relies on his manager, Miyako, to sort out his schedules for him.  

While social, Etien doesn’t make friends very easily. This is mostly because his status as an idol intimidates many, and a lot of people only want to be friends with him for his wealth and fame - picking the right people to trust and become friends with isn’t the easiest thing! As a friend he is very loving and affectionate, but might not always pick up subtle signs of other people’s discomfort. Likewise, sitting still and marathoning movies is not really his thing, and instead he prefers the more active kind of socializing of visiting cafes, private pools or shopping centers. Furthermore, due to his active and busy lifestyle, he's not exactly the prime example of someone who keeps in touch with his friends: he often forgets to respond to them, and isn't usually the first one to message others either. It's never boring around Etien though, and if you're willing to put up with his lifestyle he's a very fair friend who would never intentionally upset others. He also has a more airheaded, simple side when he's with people he trusts, and is often getting into shenanigans with Kipinä, his best friend who likewise occasionally seems lack common sense. 


Etien was born into a dainty family as the only child. His parents were loving and good for him, but when Etien was five they divorced, although not in particularly bad terms - they had simply grown apart and knew they couldn’t stand living with each other under the same roof anymore, so a divorce was the best option for them before things would get heated up. Etien would then live mostly with his mother until he was 12, then moving over to his father’s place to start junior high in a new city.

Despite having two homes, his life was relatively peaceful and calm. Since a young age he was in the local theater group, which is where he also learned how to sing. After moving to his father’s house, Etien continued in a new theater group specializing in musical theater, now able to put his singing talent in better use. Etien was never particularly great at school and average at best, being interested more in the arts and PE than studying from the books. He was moderately social as younger with a couple of close friends and generally got along with everyone, but wasn’t exactly one of the most popular students around. He wasn’t particularly mischievous and would mostly stick to the rules, but much like most children, he also got into some trouble over silly things.

He started questioning his gender during junior high school after his puberty started, up until his male identity became clear at the age of 14. It was hard for him to get adjusted to his own identity, and after coming out the way others treated him changed: some of his previous friends would stop hanging out with him, but in turn those who stayed became even closer with him. Even then, he was no longer invited to most parties or hangouts, and his teachers weren’t particularly accepting of his request to be addressed with a different name and pronouns. However, his father (and father’s boyfriend) were very supportive of Etien, and his mother soon came around too, although she needed her time to let it sink in.

There were times Etien felt lost even with his parents’ support, however, and in his teenager years Etien was in a constant war with himself and his body: he would lament and despair over not knowing how he wants to proceed or how his future will turn out to be like, and how things would affect his voice and singing career. He would have phases of not having any contact with anyone and skipping school at home, incapable of going outside in the fear of being treated as a girl. Thankfully his father's boyfriend was able to find Etien a good therapist contact, and together the two would start working out on Etien's issues, slowly giving him an idea of what to do next and what kind of transitioning path he wanted to carve for himself.

When he was 18, Etien was performing a much anticipated main role in a musical the local theater had set up: he had auditioned for it and succeeded in getting in, and this was the first time he would be in an official performance done by the city’s theater rather than the hobbyist group - and also his first big role playing a male character. His outstanding performance, where he would demonstrate the wideness of his vocal range, was noticed by a music company agent, and Etien was scouted in through this. His selling point as a singer became his high voice not very typical for men his age, and although initially a little worried about what this and the fame would bring him dysphoria wise, Etien agreed and would then start his solo career.

Thanks to the company, he was immediately pushed on big stages and managed to make a good impression, his popularity relatively high from the start. This would, unfortunately, make his transgender background known for everyone through scoops, but he had known it was inevitable, and ended up not being as big of a deal as he feared. Getting used to the tight schedule of his new life wasn’t without its problems either, but Etien’s active hobbies in the past made it easier for him to adjust.

Nowadays he mostly performs in his own country but does go on tours and has fanbase all around the globe. He has made a lot of friends from under the same recording label, and although they are rivals of sort for him, he prefers to keep his work ambitions away from his civilian life and friendships.

Skills & Abilites

  • Wide vocal range. His speaking voice is rather androgynous and he is capable of singing low, but is professionally known for the high notes he can reach. Part of this is a result of sheer training, but it also has a lot to do with the fact dainties have sophisticated vocal chords capable of elaborate imitation and pitch changes.

  • Acting, dancing and singing are his forte. However, he isn’t very academically gifted and never did too well at school.

  • While not the best with interpersonal skills, Etien knows how to treat his fans right and make a genuine attempt at connecting with them. He has good general people skills, but gets clumsier when things get more personal.

  • His saliva tastes like raspberry soda

  • Because of his good physical stamina, Etien doesn’t usually notice when he is overworking himself; it’s usually not his body that gives in first, but rather his emotional state. This is why his manager is extremely important to him: she tends to notice signs of stress and exhaustion in Etien faster than the man notices it himself.

  • Although he doesn't seem very strong, Etien's hooves and horns aren't just for show: his hooved kicks can cause pretty bad damage, and his horns are very sturdy and will likewise hurt if attaced with. He also does know basic self defense, partially as something they were lowkey learning with their theatre group (as part of the fitness practice) and partially as something he needed to learn as someone very widely known. That being said, he leaves this job usually for his bodyguards.

  • *He is FtM (female to male) transgender. Although it was inevitable this information would become public, Etien himself isn’t particularly vocal about it, and it seems many people don’t really know he's trans despite the information being out there. He doesn’t usually talk much about it himself, but knows with his publicity it’s no point denying it. Etien answers questions more than gladly on TV, but doesn’t like explaining things out of work. He's not on hormone treatment, but has had a top surgery.

  • Although mostly confident with himself and his body, he takes up modeling opportunities solely so that he could learn to appreciate his body more (but this is not something he actually tells other people). He also likes wearing fancy clothes and reading comments about his photoshoots as a way to build up confidence, even though some of the comments aren’t very nice. However,  such a thing is to be expected when you’re world known.

  • His host is his manager - they have no romantic or sexual relationship, but Etien cares for her a lot. Her name is Miyako and she's almost like a teacher of sort to Etien, whom he does look up to despite often making her fix his impulsively made bad decisions.

  • Kipinä and Etien are basically best friends. While they both manage to keep their public image good, when interacting off stage they’re what the kids call "dumbass culture".

  • More of a modern day character! However, his worldsetting is kept vague for RP purposes and I can easily make AU versions for him / somehow make him fit whatever universe

  • He is musical because I have this running joke going on where literally all my dainties are musically gifted, and I really want to keep this tradition going on.