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A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!
Full nameFreesia of the Rocks / Uri
BirthplaceLicur, Tyse

Freesia is, as most six-year-olds are, inquisitive about the tangible world around her. In particular, moving to the First World and having lived here for two years has given her a wealth of new sensory experiences to take in and wrap her mind around.

She has a vague comprehension of the abstract ideas of departure and loss, having lost her father, and then her old home and all the people she once knew. Her mother, Amaranthia, has done her best to raise her well in spite of these drastic changes in her life. These circumstances have made her rather anxious for her age and attached to her mother.


Freesia was born with the name Uri in Licur, Tyse, to the happily married Talurn (Amaranthia) and Caric. She was raised by all the adults in the village, as was traditional, although her parents and her uncle, Dorian, devoted more time to her than anyone else.

She was barely three when her father died brutally, although this detail was kept from her. Her mother's grief in the wake of this event was keen and all-consuming, to the extent that remaining in the village became torturous for her.

Eventually, Dorian was bought over by the Duchess of Diamonds from the neighbouring world, and during the conversations preceding it, he asked that his twin sister and Uri be allowed to come along with him. Orobelle—a child herself—was eventually convinced.

Now she lives with her mother in the Diamond Duchy while her uncle works for the sustenance of all three. Dorian has taken them to the palace on countless occasions, familiarising her with the place and the people in it. In spite of all of Orobelle's efforts to distance herself, she has come to view Freesia fondly.

Amaranthia (mother)To Amaranthia, Freesia is a constant and strident reminder of her husband, being perhaps the only legacy he left behind, and strongly resembling him in appearance. She aspires to raise her as well, as her husband would have wanted, but she is prone to projecting her aspirations and regrets onto her to the extent that her daughter loses individuality in her perception. Being the only parental figure in her life who is regularly present, Freesia is very attached to her, almost equating her presence with home.
Dorian (uncle)Dorian has become a sort of father figure to Freesia in the wake of her father's departure. Before he became truly entrenched in his palace duties, he would visit her and her mother almost daily and tell her stories and ask after her recent preoccupations. Lately, the time he has to see her has grown woefully scarce.
OrobelleOrobelle allowed Dorian to bring Freesia and Amaranthia into the palace every now and then, mainly allowing the Duchess to question them on how they were spending their time in the Duchy to ensure their citizenship was not being misused. They often stayed a while after these interviews, tailing Dorian as he went about his duties, so they were often in the presence of Orobelle as well. This had the side effect of causing her to develop a bond with her protector's niece over time. Orobelle feels a vague sympathy for Freesia—one of few people in the world towards whom she does—being another child who has lost a parent.
  • Freesia's name refers to a kind of flower that did not grow in her home world: it is truly a name of the First World in that regard.