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"I am tired of fighting, but fight I shall."

Age (human years)unknown, but ancient
Professionshunter & gatherer to feed Ealuk's household
Personalitydetached, melancholic, cryptic; courageous, principled, resolved
asexual and grey-aromantic
simultaneous hermaphrodite (they/them)

Amzarah has no memory of their life prior to being found unconscious by Ealuk, who subsequently gave them a place to live on a permanent basis. The only friends they know are the five others they now live with - and a mysterious sixth, who can be heard playing music throughout the mansion. No one has been able to locate them, though. 

They speak without contractions and in an opaque manner. Their housemates are unsure if this is a personality trait or a method used to conceal any number of things.

Despite the uncertainty in that arena, they have become known as a good friend. They listen well and without judgement. Their not being labile results in the ability to calm a room merely by being present.

They are in love with Vr'ev'jk, but it will take some time until they remember that, or him.

Design notes:  Inconsistencies exist in the art uploaded here since the character design isn't finalized yet (that comes with the ref sheet.) As always in the event that you wish to draw any of my characters with no ref sheet available, pick whatever version you like and go ham ❤️‍

When depicting: I do not consent to NSFW art of this character. I am fine with art depicting non-sexual affection between Amz and Vr, but my preference is their canon: not overly lovey-dovey, but comforting, like two people who are tired and have been through a lot together (they have). Interpret that as you will and don't worry, I won't get upset if it doesn't suit my interpretation of that.