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Name Fenvris
Date Created 3/11/2018 | March 11th
Alias The Angels Blight | Father of Monsters
Gender Appears Male
Age Unknown
Species ????
Orientation Pansexual | Polyamorous
Blood Type ??
Dominate Hand Right
Ht./Wt. 7'1" | ?? lbs
Relationship With Evan
Living Family Unknown
Voice Headcanon Leonard Cohen

"Ever heard of the boogie man for angels? Well, that’s me..."

Fenvris is a creature of neither angel or demon descent. Something from the bitter unknown. No one knows where he originated from, no one knows his purpose. All they know is that he eats angels. Any angel that lands upon earths surface. He’s something like a shark in those cases, dragging damaged angels away to devour them.

Something of a fairytale in Heaven. It's hard to believe, but visiting angels hope beyond hope that he isn’t real at all. If an angel is unlucky enough to fall to earth or isn’t careful enough while they visit they can disappear. Some angels come back to Heaven, but not all, so it's hard to be certain if he's a myth or not...


  • Sweet Cakes (Tres Leches)
  • Pain
  • Angels
  • People playing with his hair, like braiding it and stuff
  • Humans
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Eating raw meat
  • Traveling
  • Soft things
  • His little gang.


  • Getting his hair caught on shit
  • Feeling tired
  • Stale food
  • Revealing his true form
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Witches
  • Shitty Hotels
  • Witch magic


  • Chewing toothpicks.
  • Picking his teeth.
  • Playing with Chinese finger traps.
  • Pranking his friends.




Laid back and calm by nature but still very capable of being a cunning creature with lots on his mind. Fenvris is often found to be cheerful and outgoing. He always speaks with a calm voice as if he’s trying not to frighten anyone he meets. Although, his voice sometimes hints to a more playful nature that he seems to try to keep in check.

While Fenvris claims he's not a bad person, its more questionable than not. Perhaps he doesn't see what he does as bad... Or he doesn't care. It’s never quite certain because either way, Fenvris does have a bad streak. While capable of kindness, he finds playing with peoples heads something of good entertainment and pulling pranks as well. Fenvris does have his limits to what he’ll do, at least towards humans and other creatures on the planet.

Capable of being a playful creature, it’s often a bit dangerous when he is. As he doesn’t always understand what he’s doing and how it effects others. It’s when he’s serious and actually have a focus on what he’s doing, that he goes in with knowing intent. Thus, it is better to be on his good side. At the very least, he’ll try not to harm you and if he does, he will try to help. It’s not too difficult to get on Fenvris’ good side really. He has a habit of enjoying the presence of others he meets quite easily.

It’s towards angels that he comes off as wicked. Rarely making an effort to get to know an angel, he will end up taking pieces of them while they’re still breathing. It’s about keeping them fresh but it comes off more as torture. Not only that, but he seems to enjoy the fear in angel’s eyes when they come to realize exactly who they’re face to face with. Thus, Fenvris like to play games with his food. His most favorite game has to be… making an effort not to pounce right then and there. Holding himself back isn’t easy, by nature, he’s meant to devour them. Fenvris also enjoys the chase however, even letting them get a headstart. Although, towards angels he ends up liking or doesn’t want to hurt for certain reasons…. he makes an effort to make these games more fair or more hold himself back more honestly.

Somehow, despite everything, Fenvris still manages to carry a child like curiosity to him. He's genuinely curious about things he isn't familiar with or he will carry some sort of child like wonder into a conversation, more so with children. He doesn't understand too many concepts. He’s grown with mankind to understand basic things. But often has to teach himself as he was only taught a few things before being left entirely alone… Fenvris is a bit scarred from his past, so he tends to understand certain concepts based on what happened to him and either expects certain things to happen, or avoids doing things as to not get in trouble. But one must never forget that Fenvris is smart enough to lie and if he must, he will tell a lie like it is nothing but true.

Living so long as he has on this planet earth, Fenvris’ views on life can come off as rather bleak. But he figures it is what it is and tends to voice his views with a smile.

Fenvris things:

  • Fenvris is a bunch of gas compacted into 1 solid figure.
  • He has the Kiss of Possession, meaning, he can kiss you and you'll be possessed by him.
  • He loves pain so much, he encourages people to punch or stab him.
  • When it comes to children, Fenvris doesn't like to get too close.
  • He only gets defensive if witches are present.
  • Angel feathers are one of his favorite snacks, they're like soft potato chips, he'll also eat their hair, ew.
  • When you make a deal with Fenvris, he'll always keep his word.



At first there was nothing. Just an ever constant beating rhythm that was the start of consciousness.

It started slow but gradually picked up until they opened their eyes. They don’t remember much about the beginning. They don’t remember that a spite-filled deity had chosen to give them life. But what there was, was a craving. It had always been there. A need to destroy.

They had spent centuries on their own, drifting in space, hungry, looking for the one thing that would quench them. Although it had taken time they would finally stumbled upon their answer. It was Heaven. They lost themselves to their attack on this miraculous place. For a time, they were an unstoppable force as they took down angels by the dozens. Devouring and strewing their blood across the Heavens. It all seemed lost until archangel Michael had found a weakness. Taking for once the power of magic not of their own or that of a demons, but of a witch. Michael struck the angels attacker and sealed them away with a curse to never return.

Centuries had passed. They had become a myth. A story that angels would muse upon to scare their peers even. But there was one that knew them to be truth. That one being, Lucifer. Having lived through the horror the creature caused, Lucifer, just recently banished for their crimes, thought to free him out of bitterness alone.

Released by the devil themselves, they were thus kept on a metaphorical leash, were taught things (such as containing themself in a different form), put in proper control, and in debt to the devil for being freed by them. Though Lucifer was an angel, the devil knew how to keep them in line, it wasn’t exactly easy to eat an angel of their status, for even Michael got the best of them. Lucifer would take down certain angels to keep them pleased and over time, the creature fell in love with the devil. It was then that Lucifer would give them a name that was better than ‘creature’. Fenvris would be it.

They dated for some time actually. Got close, supported one another. One could say they were pretty cute I suppose. As cute as the devil and a monster that could destroy lives could be at least. But it all came to a screeching halt when Lucifer managed to produce their first successful angel hybrid with a human. Though Fenvris and Lucifer were dating, the devil had a mission to create that kid and there they were. Beautiful.

But not for long, Fenvris got too close to that child unsupervised. He was curious… the child was curious…. and he devoured the thing. Shit my bad that’s pretty fucked up. Of course, Lucifer found out about it. They were enraged by the whole thing actually. The devil was hard to piss off but this did it big time.

BREAK UP TIME OOF GOT THAT EX STATUS NOW. It all happened so quick...

There was a battle between him and Lucifer in which the devil had the upperhand. Impaling him with several spears, Fenvris got booted from Hell and onto Earth. The new hotspot for all lively things. But as he arrived he was still heavily wounded. He bleed out on earth, but not in death, just in a manner of passing out. While Fenvris recovered from the battle, it was his blood that spilled out from him that created a slew on monsters on Earth. Earth was now inhabited by dragons, vampires, and more. If there's a monster out there, there is no doubt they started from the blood of Fenvris. Growing into their own people if lucky, or dying out, going on as legends.

That all happened... so so long ago though...


It’s been centuries.

To think... He’s been living on Earth for centuries... Fenvris isn’t quite bored with life here. He’s just kinda living it. Finding things to not be too huge a deal when they happen. Taking the days as they go. He’s traveled the world... more than once by now. Exploring everything from jungles, dead civilizations, getting lost in caves, and more. But all throughout this time... He’s kept himself distanced from people. He never wanted to get too close. Perhaps that was because Lucifer suggested it better they keep away from the creatures. Habits die hard I suppose you could say but alas. Life went on. Naturally he mostly traveled in search of the thing he will always crave. Thus, he simply spent his time devouring some angels, fallen, failed hybrids, etc. It didn’t matter.

But in more recent years Fenvris has taken up working as a part time bartender, it's a front to look normal. But he finds the challenge of memorizing orders and drink ingredients to be a good use of his time and keeping his mind sharp. Through this he’s actually met some people. Which is interesting to him. People are interesting. He’s been rather curious of them as of late.

It’s the nightlife in which Fenvris shines however. Born in the dark, it only makes sense that he finds great comfort in it. He’s always doing something at night so for anyone who need be wary... Pray he’s not close behind.

Fenvris has since started up a gang. They're all made up of different monsters or creatures. Demons can join in too. They're a dangerous group to be sure, though Fenvris doesn't partake in harming humans, he does toy with them.

Bonus Info

Songs I associate with him:

Random Facts

  • Fenvris owns a red 1956 ford thunderbird.
  • Fenvris' true form is 1 Astronomical Unit(AU) in length.


  • Super Strong Boy
  • Fairly Immune to Holy Abilities and Weapons
  • Fairly Immune to Demonic Magic
  • His spit can make wounds infectious on Angels/Demons
  • Reforms limbs
  • Something of a shape shifter (likes to pull angelic looks to gain the trust of his victims)


  • Witches curses/magic
  • Manmade weapons can hurt (but not kill)
  • Weapons imbued with harmful magic spells.
  • Contracts made with Witches
Accepted Headcanons From Others

When he spots his victim and goes for the kill.. he "plays with his food" and what I mean by that is... He pretends to be normal and casually starts a conversation with them, and drops hints as to who he really is. And enjoys watching them as they get more and more uncomfortable and squirmy. And then at the very last second when they're about to make a break for it, he catches them AND THEN OMNOMNMNONMONMNOAEJKTLRE;JY3259808 - Thank you Enigmatic!

[DEBATING] Fenvris prefers the taste of certain angels more than others. While common angel souls are very plentiful and tasty in their own rite, he prefers to go after the higher ranking angels, because their souls taste a whole lot better. (Taste depends on the angels personality) - Thank you Queerly!

[RUMOR] "I heard you go around eating birds 'cause you don't just like angels for the taste, but for the feathers! Trust me, I've got the inside scoop. And I'll get picture proof, too!" - Thank you Afternath!



Lucifer [ The Ex ]

The lord of Hell. Once a wonderful lover and their life saver. Fenvris and Lucifer spent forever together. All until Fenvris fucked up. A mistake that Fenvris regrets to this day. They're long gone, but sometimes, life reminds him of them and for that, they relive regret. Fenvris can't help but have a small piece that misses and still loves them.


Lady Mazma [ The Witch ]

An extreamly intimidating and scary woman. Fenvris is absoultely terrified of her. She'll go out in search of him to take his hair or nails or something for strong potions. SHE.... DOESN'T DIE. She's been doing this for CENTURIES. Fenvris can't seem to make enough distance from her.


Roy Gallo [ The Regular ]

Ever since Fenvris started working at the bar, Roy has always been there. Like, he's always there. It's kind of amazing this guy has all this time to be here yet not look like a total wreck whose lost control of his life. Fenvris respects and likes him honestly.


Evangeline [ Crush ]

An angel he made a deal with to be kept on the side to snack on when times are rough. However, Fenvris has grown increasingly fond of him to an point that... well... they actually love this angel! HUH! While it kinda gives him fear of himself, Fenvris enjoys loving on this grumpy boy. He's also very helpful, but what Fenvris can't understand is why they're so... determined to work a desk job. Regardless! Fenvris just wants to be near this angel a bunch!


Raoul [ Best Buddy ]

A best friend of Evan that Fenvis has in turn made a best friend for himself! He's super fond of the guy to be honest, has a lot of fun with the laid back werewolf, can't wrestle him too hard though! Raoul makes him laugh a lot and is just, such a party man. Not to mention, scaring him is a fucking hoot! Either way, a very good friend!

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