Katie Briggs



2 years, 2 months ago

Basic Info


Katie Briggs






August 10th, 1998








Second guitarist and waitress at the Butterscotch Restaurant

Current residence

House just outside Station Square

Marital Status

In a relationship with Derek Quenevere

Theme Song

Ima Robot - A is for Action ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsJ3Zmgixt4


Personality traits:


-Loud music

-Going out

-Punching things

-Mint tea



-Little kids


-Being unproductive


Katie is a hyperactive and short-tempered cat with great impatience. She can’t just stand still and do nothing. She has to do something at any time of day, otherwise she sees the day as wasted time. She is easily triggered by positive and negative things. When something fun happens, she becomes suddenly cheerful, when something bad happens, her mood can swing instantly. She yells, bites and scratches whenever she feels like. Luckily she doesn’t feel like biting and scratching too many times. Katie is one to stand in the front lines to fight for whoever she’s supporting. She’s not afraid to take some punches and would protect anyone she’d hold dear with all of her power.

Combat traits:


Katie doesn’t have any powers. She is quite strong however and will slam your face


-Strong wamen

-Has an extreme load of self-confidence

-Not afraid to slam you with anything she has in her hands


-Doesn’t think about her actions

-Would quickly strain herself

-Doesn’t care about her surroundings

Social information:


Keren Brazier: Her half-sister that is living together with her. They treat each other like normal sisters would, even if they have a 10 year age difference. Katie came living with her when she was 13 and since then they took care of their own house. Katie has learned a lot from Keren. Katie appreciates that. She wouldn’t know what to do without Keren on her side and tries to do nice things back for her.

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Angelia Brooklyn: Katie’s mother. Katie sees Angelia as a caring mother, just with some limits that she can’t do anything about. They’re quite close and talk a lot with each other. It’s too bad she isn’t really living with them, but they can take care of themselves.

Positive relations:

Derek Quenevere: Katie’s boyfrieeeend. You’d think they wouldn’t quite fit together. Katie is a chaotic mess while Derek is a very organized mess. Still, these two love each other a lot. Derek brings stability to Katie’s chaotic behaviour. It calms Katie and lets her be able to do stuff she’d never dreamed of doing. Like…waiting… Yeah I know. Her love is that strong.

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Luka and Alina: Her other band members. A great bunch of people she usually hangs out with. They also seem to be helping her with her patience, but at the same time are sometimes stimulating her impatience, just to get some fun out of it. That’s okay. That’s what friends do. They’re good friends she likes them.

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Boubka Frolig: 

Katie Briggs: Being fellow band members, they probably know the least of each other out of all of them. Katie never seems to clash with Bou, but that doesn’t mean that she’s on real friendly terms with him. They usually just mind their own business. Still, they enjoy each other’s company. Katie usually gets confused by Bou's optimism. She cannot grasp his ability to always see the good in things, but somehow she also admire it in some way.


Katie’s early years were without trouble. She was hot-headed and bumped with some other kids occasionally, but most of the time she would go nicely with the others. Until suddenly Angelia left her dad and now they were in an apartment together with her half-sister Keren.

Life after that was pretty decent. Angelia could earn enough money. She had to leave sometimes for work however. Luckily there was a man named ‘Jirard Butterscotch’ who would take care of the two kids together with his own family.

Three years later she went living with Keren in her own house seeing as Angelia was gone for work long times after each other. Since then life has been pretty stable. She enjoys it like this.