Full name Fen Arbora
Age 16
Height 5'5" / 1.65m
Gender Male
Resides in Havaiki City, Havaiki
A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!
Fen is a minor! Please don't use him in NSFW games.

Masked behind Fen's understated, sardonic manner is a vast well of love, which he has not nearly enough people to give to. He will stick with those he cares for through hail, rain and hurricane, would drop everything to be there for his parents and his best friend Pala.

On the flipside of that coin, and this is the side the coin lands on more often, he often gets grumpy and fixated on worries, especially when he's tired. Because his schedules are often impacted by fatigue and regular hospital appointments, he is very insistent on filling good days with purposeful activity and things he wants to do. Nothing irks him more than stagnation: he wants to keep pushing forward, and can't stand being stuck. He prefers to play the role of caretaker rather than the taken-care-of, and it frustrates him to have to depend on others.

Fen has admirable levels of patience, but if there's one thing that wears on him, it is when people consistently repeat their failures or misunderstandings without learning from them. He is always the first to recognise a toxic situation and begin taking steps to remove himself from it; he's acutely aware of when people are being pushed around or treated unfairly, and will not stand for it: many bullies learn too late that he isn't the pushover they assume him to be.

Fen thirsts constantly for good stories and possesses a broad imagination, which he satiates through a vast array of fiction—especially TV shows and comics of the superhero and magical girl genres. He has also tried his hand at creating some of his own, though he never seems to finish any of his projects. In his free time, he is often eager to follow Pala into plans she hasn't quite thought through.


Born on Havaiki to two immigrant parents, he has lived most of his life here, leaving sometimes to visit his grandparents across the ocean in two different countries. Growing up with thalassemia, his childhood was punctuated by long visits to the hospital for blood transfusions, and he was often unable to participate in physically-taxing activities with other children his age. His parents, insisting on sheltering him assiduously, did not help his chances of forming a social circle.

Adventurous in spirit but often denied the freedom to satiate it, Fen devoured a great amount of fiction in his childhood. He frequently watched the decade-old animated series that were always airing on Havaiki TV, then discovered novels and comics, which were easier to enjoy at his own leisure. He later started producing his own stories and comics in notebooks, which he was never seen without and was sometimes made fun of for.

High school proved a trying time; with cliques forming and social norms governing popularity, Fen found himself being left out—partly because he was frequently absent and exempted from PE, rousing rumours, and partly due to his introversion and unusual interests. It was by serendipity that he met Pala at the school's sick bay, each finding that the other showed more interest in them than any other schoolmate had ever been. Soon they were spending all their class breaks together, and events came to pass that led them both to hold their friendship in the highest regard.

The year they turned sixteen, Pala took up an intern job at the Promenade Hotel, and he became a part-time pizza delivery guy. One day during that fateful summer break, Fen decided to meet her before work, but she happened to show up late...upon which occurred a series of events that are spoilers.

PalaPala and Fen have a mutually supportive friendship; high school has been a bit of an ordeal for them both, and they became the tightest of friends in the midst of that trial. Few people even dared talk to Pala at the time, and Fen's immediate acceptance won her trust quickly. She calls him whenever he is not in school, and sometimes visits him in his own home after classes.
ParentsDevoted and protective, Fen's parents readily adapted their lifestyle to suit their son's needs, moving houses and changing their schedules. Their finances are not remarkable, but they have always been pleased to aid him financially in his hobbies and interests, although they verge on being suffocatingly overprotective at times. Even though he often gets frustrated at them for failing to respect his preferences and wishes for independence, he still loves them dearly.
  • Fen cares a lot about his appearance, but his hair especially. He gets it trimmed at least once monthly and keeps a comb in his pocket to comb down loose strands during breaks between classes.
  • Fen keeps an accordion folder that’s bursting with everything from year old school notes to loose sketches of comic pages to that origami crane his friend Kerai folded him out of an ad flyer. When will he clear it out? Never.
  • Fen grew up surrounded by various languages and speaks five at at least a conversational level: English, Japanese, Malay, Malaysian Mandarin, and Fijian.
  • His extended family, living in three countries, is very large: his maternal aunt has five children and he babysits them when he visits.
  • Fen is very fond of superhero comics and the magical girl genre, and a lot of his writing and art is inspired by both genres. You bet he'd like BNHA if it had aired in his world...
  • His favourite show is a magical girl series set in outer space titled The Magnolia Order, which has been airing in Havaiki for five years. It inspired him to start drawing.
  • Fen's first name, in English, means "marshy wetland". In Chinese (棻) it means "sweet wood". His last name means "relating to trees". A very botanical name as you can see.