2 years, 3 months ago


Name kaisley
Species domestic house cat
Age late teens
Height {anthro} 5'1"
Gender demigirl
Pronouns she/her, they/them
Orientation heteroromantic asexual
Relationship taken
Occupation {anthro} doctor
Theme blink

Status alive
Designer Lupinova
Worth $??


Kaisley is rather enigmatic within first encounters of her, like a ghost no one sees silently watching. She is quite easy to love, whether it be the way she stubbornly dismisses strangers around her or pushes on through everything she does with a smile. The way Kaisley acts has her in a comfortable place of power, an unspoken rule amongst others who live in her general area, as though she were some sort of leader to them. Some push it as far as to consider her an untouchable goddess, though they don't know if she truly has the power of a deity or if these are rumors. After all, she's a mystery to acquaintances and strangers. She enjoys playing the 'enigma card' (as she calls it) as much as she can. What can you expect from a black cat? It's all a game.

It is important to understand that Kaisley is not mean, cruel, or with malicious intent. Rather, she just makes carefully calculated decisions to further herself. She puts herself first, and worries about who she has hurt later. In fact, normally Kaisley is oblivious to hurting someone else's feelings most of the time - that is, unless you tell her. Then, of course, she will feel guilty and apologize, but if she is not told, she goes about her business as if she never did anything wrong. In short, please communicate with her, she doesn't know what she doesn't know. (:

Kaisley finds herself snugly fit in most situations. She's an extrovert, curious and interested when it comes to others. To her, most strangers are considered neutral and she will treat them with neutrality (though she loves making friends and will try to as often as she can, while still using the 'enigma card'). Unfortunately, it's extremely easy, too easy, to get on her bad side. Because she's very observant, most likely she already knows of one's faults and whether or not those faults are something she can look past. Therefore, Kaisley's trust is difficult to earn.