Jesse's 2023 Art Contest!



5 months, 5 days ago


New year, new.. art contest?? 

Yeah so I've never hosted an art contest before, but other people have made it look so fun, I wanted to host one myself!
Since the art being drawn will be of my own ocs, I've decided to go with CASH PRIZES as the main attraction!


I've also recently hit 400 subscribers here on Toyhouse, so I'd love to do a little something for you guys!
You all mean so much to me, and I dearly enjoy each and every one of you!
There will be subscriber perks in the contest, so be sure to read carefully!


1ST PRIZE: $100, or 8000 DA points!
2ND PRIZE: $50, or 4000 DA points!
3RD PRIZE: $25, or 2000 DA points!
RUNNER UP PRIZE: 2 months of Toyhouse premium, $10 (subscriber only!), or 800 DA points!

PRIZES FOR PEOPLE WHO SHARED THE CONTEST: 1 month of Toyhouse premium!
• If you share this profile in a bulletin, include it with your entry, and you'll be entered to win this prize!
This will only be available after a minimum of TEN people have shared!

If you are a subscriber, you unlock the additional following perks:
Able to request prize payment in voucher* form, ie I pay for things you want (adopts, commissions, etc), equivalent to the prize total!
*Vouchers MUST be requested within 1 week of winning, or you will receive the cash or points instead!
Ability to split cash, points, and voucher prizes, receiving some in any form you want!
• Receive your prize in the equivalent of Discord Nitro, Amazon, Apple, or Google Play gift cards!

New subscribers are welcome, and will instantly unlock subscriber perks!

I am based in the US, so if you win and you would like to receive cash, I can give it to you via PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, or Zelle.


Any character in this tag is eligible to be drawn for the contest!


These are not necessary for your entry!
They are just to encourage creativity and provide inspiration!

• Retro/90's anime
• Soft/kawaii styles
• Neon/vaporwave
• Painterly

!! DO NOTS !!

Do not draw NSFW if you are a minor!
Do not draw multiple characters together UNLESS they are in the same folder!
Do not draw characters that are not tagged with "contest" please!
Do not draw ship art; none of these characters are involved with each other!


• Fave this profile!
• Draw your entry, whatever you like!
• Upload it to the character(s) you drew, and post a link in the comment of this profile!
• That's it! You're entered!
• You can make multiple entries to increase your chances of winning! It's popular vote that selects the winner!
(However, each person may only win once!)

Digital art
Pixel art
Physical goods, ie stickers, charms, etc, as long as I can receive them via mail! I will personally pay for shipping!

Very obviously unfinished art
Phone pics of pencil doodles
AI art
Art made on bases or via Picrew

The contest will end on February 1st! The winners will be decided by public vote!
I will make a bulletin with links to the artwork in a poll system, and users can vote for the one they want to win!

The winning arts will be tallied and posted publicly on February 8th, and the winners will receive their prizes!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments! I will keep a FAQ at the bottom of this profile for any general questions!

Good luck!!