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Basic Info


Lacrimas De Gramont







Relationship Status

vowed to Klaus


Composed, Calm, Reserved. Still waters run deep though. Usual expression either calm or neutral. Stays silent alot and will think about her answers first..if she decides to answer at all. After meeting her mate she turned more warm and happy.

Eye Color

a greyish teal-blue, changes to pink if charm is used


a pastel seafoam green that turns white on her tips. Very long, reaches down to the ground​​​. Usually worn in a braid or two pigtails, sometimes open. The two tuffs look like hair but are actually her ears.


slender, like a dancer, pale skin. is very light and can be picked up easily


very soft and calm tone like a melody. Her laugh sounds like high-chimes, but is rarely heard. If you want a ref, listen to Agnes Obel.



Additional Features

long and fluffy tail, "droopy" floof ears, her right eye is covered with hair (this may change on the refs, but canonically her right eye is covered)


Runaway Noblewoman


Revolves around nobles "gilded Cages" and families getting children to fullfill rolls as heirs/heiresses instead of being a son or a daughter


eats about anything but in small portions. has an almost unhealthy obsession with peaches.


Due to one of her ancestors being blessed by a fae, Lacrimas is able to cast different protective magical abilities. She is not able to harm though. Immunity to magic cast against her, can lower the resistance in her own accord. Is able to cast orbs of light to lighten darkness, they have a soothing effect to the soul, eminating a calming light. Able to heal non lethal wounds and share her own energy with others. As she got locked up alot, she does not know the full potential of her abilities yet.

As a kitsune, she is able to cast a charm on people. Turning her eyes a pink color. Depending on the brightness of the pink, the charms strenght varies. This can go from just obeying her orders to be in physical pain aching to touch her. While being very weak in physical strength, Lacrimas is pretty agile and a fast runner.

Lacrimas got homeschooled. She is able to write, read and perform various arts like playing violine and piano.


stays silent or is lost in though alot. daydreams. likes to sit in windows to watch the world outside or read. enjoys nature more than cities or areas with people, prefers the woods mostly. clings to Klaus alot in search of affection. she also likes to sneak away, usually that just ends up with Klaus having to pick her up and carry her back.

Negative Traits

poor physical strength, she can be basically picked up and carried away without much of a resistance. very distant to strangers, absolutely loyal to friends though if (!!) she warms up. self destructive character, would rather endure something instead of losing composure due to her upbringing. due to her loyality she is also prone to self-sacrifices. has trouble understanding the concept of love and emotions as she isnt used to express those and mostly unfamiliar with them. since she is from a noble family, she isnt familiar with household tasks and cant take care of herself much on her own like cooking food for example



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