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Ita Ferguson

Name: Ita Zura Ferguson

Age: 15

Species: Chimera

Birthday: April 1

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: She/Her

Alignment: Good

Theme: "Pay No Mind"

Why not? I wanna help people just like those Starriors helped us!

A spontaneous and zany chimera girl, Ita attends school at Carnelian City with her older brother and her five new friends. Despite a traumatic event happening to her nearly four years before the events of Chimera Heart, she keeps an overly positive outlook on life and strives to make the most of her new high school experience.

  • Cheerleading
  • Cartoons
  • Her Friends
  • Starriors
  • Kashi's Overprotectiveness
  • People Bringing Up "the Incident"
  • Nea
  • Ita is the main protagonist of Chimera Heart.
  • Ita's speech bubble color is #FFC48A. She is associated with the color orange.
  • Ita has nicknames for each of the heads in her full chimera form. The dragon's head is nicknamed Edoth, the lioness's is Nala, the ram's is Toriel, and the snake's is Noodle.
  • Noodle is the only one of Ita's chimera heads that appears to be sentient, rather than being Ita's mind within the heads. He acts more like a familiar, but Ita can control him.

Design Notes:

  • Ita typically styles her hair in a side ponytail on her left side. When her hair is down, it goes down to her upper-middle back, but she rarely has her hair down.
  • Her fashion style usually consists of cute clothing, mostly skirts and t-shirts with simple designs, like stripes, hearts, polka dots, aesthetic anime screencaps, or peaches. She can drawn in any outfit she is seen wearing in Chimera Heart, but if you decide to do a different outfit for her outside of her reference sheet or Chimera Heart, then please keep her clothing preferences in mind.
  • She can be drawn with or without Noodle and/or her wings.



Ita is outgoing and zany, and despite the event of the Fire of Mythenhaft, she is incredibly optimistic. She tends to look on the bright side of things, and wants to make the most out of her high school experience. Because of her overly enthusiastic nature, she tends to be impulsive with her decisions and caught up in wild fantasies, without putting much thought into any logic or consequences of her actions. She loves to poke fun at her friends, as well as her brother, much to his annoyance.

Powers and Abilities:

Ita is a female chimera, so she possesses all female chimeran powers. These include:

- Shapeshifting: Ita can shapeshift into a chimera monster, a large beast with the heads of a lion, ram, and a dragon, a snake for a tail, and dragon wings. Ita can also simply summon her wings and snake tail while in her human form.

- Flight: With her dragon wings summoned, Ita is able to fly.

- Respiratory Pyrokinesis (Fire-Breathing): Ita can breath fire both in and out of her chimera form.

- Healing Tears: Ita can cry healing tears, which can mend small physical wounds.

In addition to her natural chimeran powers, Ita is also learning unnatural pyrokinesis through a Basic Magics class at school. By using a "Bending Bracelet," she is able to control small amounts of fire with her hands.

Backstory (Spoilers):

Ita grew up in the Chimeran Village, located in the Mythenhaft Forest. The Chimeran Village is a civilization that is the capital of the Chimeran territory, the area of the Forest dominated by chimeras.

Nearly four years before the events of “Chimera Heart,” a great tragedy called “The Fire of Mythenhaft” took place. A massive wildfire destroyed over one-third of the entire forest, leaving many of Mythenhaft’s civilizations in ruins. Many of the forest’s citizens were injured or lost their lives. The cause of the fire was unknown.

After losing their homes in the Fire, the chimeras relocated to a new place in the surviving portion of the forest. With the help of the Crest of the Stars, the village was able to build back quickly, and they continue to live there today.

History in Chimera Heart (Spoilers):

Arc 1

Kashi and Ita leave the Chimeran Village to attend Carnelian City High. Ita is excited for this new high school experience.

When the two arrive in Carnelian City, they discover that they are assigned to the same house, much to each other’s annoyance. When they step into House #13, they meet their new housemates: Taimu, Mazenta, Kokoro, Faji, and Una. Ita introduces herself excitably to the group. After everyone introduces themselves to each other, Ita runs upstairs and quickly makes herself at home in her new bedroom.

The next morning is the first day of school, and despite not getting much sleep, she is awake, alert, and eager to go to school. When she arrives at Carnelian City High, she is in awe at the amount of students buzzing around the area. Once she arrives to her homeroom class, she is even excited about watching the morning announcements, where she is introduced to the show’s hosts: Yosei and Prima.

Later that day at lunch, Ita meets up with the rest of the group. Yosei and Prima ask to join them, and Ita agrees, calling them cool. She tells the group that she wants to be a cheerleader, to which Kashi laughs at. After school, Yami hijacks a local TV channel, declaring war on society and the Crest of the Stars. Ita is confused at this.

In Chapter 5, Ita excitedly reveals that she was made it onto the cheer team. When talking with Una afterward, she reveals that she has begun learning unnatural pyrokinesis as a part of her Basic Magics class, despite already knowing how to fire-breathe.

In Chapter 7, she cheers at a football game. Kashi is embarrassed when Ita cheers specifically for him. After the game, Kashi, Ita, Faji, Una, and Mazenta have to walk home after Taimu and Kokoro become unavailable to give them a ride.

Suddenly, this group gets chased by a shadow monster. Ita tries to fight it by shapeshifting into her full chimera form. Kashi, frightened for his younger sister, shapeshifts into his full form as well. As they fight the monster, Kashi shouts at Ita to stand back and let him handle it. Ita argues that she can take him down, but Kashi doesn’t want Ita to get hurt. However, before the argument can go any further, Kashi and Ita become trapped in ice by Masuku, a Yami’s Army member. Masuku, fond of the siblings’ chimera shapeshifting powers, wants to recruit them to the Army, but before anything bad can happen, a trio of Starriors swoops in and chases the Army members off.

Ita is enamored by the Starriors saving them, wishing that she could be that strong to protect her friends. However, Kashi confronts Ita about her sudden fantasies of Starriorship, saying that she’s being impulsive, spurring an argument between the two. Ita claims that she can make her own decisions, but Kashi shouts, “I just don’t want to lose you again!” This causes Ita to go cold and walk out of the room. Shortly after, Kashi apologizes to Ita, but says that if she wants to seriously consider Starriorship, then she must give it a lot of thought.

Arc 2

Ita attends the homecoming dance, but doesn’t go with a date. She and Mazenta are the only two members of House #13 who go without a date.

As the school year goes on, Ita starts to look into Starrior stuff more, continuing to talk to Kokoro about it. She learns about a banned magic called “umbrakinesis,” which the Crest believes that Yami is using to create her shadow monsters. In Chapter 13, Kokoro even helps Ita practice for her Basic Magics final. On the bus ride to the Chimeran Village for holiday break, Ita stumbles upon a news article, detailing the grim deaths of a few Starriors at the hands of Yami's Army. This makes Ita start to question if she truly wants to become a Starrior or not, but instead she tries her best not to think about these questions while she's home for the holidays.

A few nights later, Ita attends the annual Chimeran New Year's Festival with Kashi, Naya, and Tyon. After engaging in some festivities, Naya and Tyon leads the siblings into the woods and shows the pair the treehouse they all used to play in as kids, albeit somewhat charred from the Fire of Mythenhaft. Ita and Kashi spot clusters of roses growing around the burnt tree stumps, suspiciously thriving and healthy despite the cold winter weather. The group is then ambushed by Ginga, Orokana, and Rogue, three new Yami's Army members. Yami emerges from the shadows and extends the same offer that was given to Ita and Kashi previously: join Yami's army or die. The group reject the offer and attempt to fly away. Before they can all get safely to the Chimera Village, Kashi is shot down by Ginga, and he lands on the snowy forest floor. Ita, in a rush of anger, swings a punch at Ginga. Ginga catches her hand, but is caught off guard by Noodle, Ita's snake, who bites Ginga's ankle. Before Yami can use her umbrakinesis to kill Kashi, Ita swoops in and fends Yami and Masuku off long enough for the siblings to escape. Ita leads Kashi back to the Chimera Village. Kashi is safe, but very shaken up from the experience.

In Chapter 16, Ita cheers at Kokoro's basketball game. Ita calls her "a machine" after Kokoro makes a basket, which unintentionally causes Kokoro to panic and request getting taken out of the game.

Later that night, Kokoro leaves the house alone to go patrol the area, to which Ita follows. Ita asks to help, but Kokoro pushes her away. Kokoro later calls Ita as she is brutally wounded, to which Ita and Taimu recover her body. Taimu reassures Ita that Kokoro will be okay.

Kashi is Ita's older brother and housemate. Ita gets very annoyed when Kashi tries to bring her ideas down, as she is the more enthusiastic of the pair. However, she loves to support him, even if it does embarrass him in return.

Mazenta is Ita's friend and housemate. Despite Mazenta's shyness, the two love to bond over cartoons, especially their favorite show, "Genesis Dream Girls."

Kokoro is Ita's friend and housemate. As Ita starts to take an interest in Starriorship, Kokoro is always happy to gush about the Crest of the Stars, as she is currently training to be a Starrior herself.