Marina Hawthorne



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Soft hands. Strong legs. Steady mind.

Name Marina Hawthorne
Age 22
Nationality British
Gender Female
Sexuality Lesbian
Pronouns She / her
Occupation Equestrian
Height 5'8"

Character Notes
  • Marina is 5'8", slim, with a lightly toned body.
  • Typically seen with an amused, half-smile on her face if she if not working.
  • Rarely ever seen sad in public. Marina is not good with vulnerability.
  • Chapstick lesbian. Not overly butch, never super feminine.

Marina is a head-strong, fiery, and determined equestrian at the Olympic level. Her life revolves around Horses, food, and women (in that order) and she is a naturally energetic person. You will not find her napping. She is a fierce and strategic competitor and feels at home in the saddle and truly feels a high whenever she is in the ring. Her personal horse is Tiamat, a fiery red KWPN mare with an attitude. Marina has recently been paired with an 8 year old Bay KWPN stallion, Yossarian, and is hoping to find another competitive partner in him. Her life revolves around the competition circuit and it's hard for her to find hobbies outside of riding. Marina has taken up pottery making and has attempted to start baking. Two things that calm her down in some capacity.


solitary social
observant dense
logical emotional
organised messy
assertive turbulent


13 years. 16.5hh. Chestnut. KWPN mare.

Hot, intense, and turns on a dime. Tiamat is a dependable horse that was ridden by Marina when they won Silver for Team Britain in the Olympics. Multiple Grand Prix winner, Longines World Cup qualifierm and all-round favorite horse of Marina's. She and her uncle own her.


8 years. 16.3hh. Bay. KWPN Stallion.

Controlled, agreeable, scopey, and hard worker. Yossarian is owned by the current stable owner at the facility Marina works and trains at. Yossarian is one of Marina's new horses that she has paired up with.


Being born into a wealthy family is like winning the lottery but Marina can't help but feel like it came with a price when her parents died when she was 8. Orphaned and confused, her life took a sharp turn when her uncle adopted her and moved her to live with him on the opposite side of the country. Her uncle, which she had never realized before, was an Olympic medalist on the Equestrian team and took her wherever he went. Every show, every cup, every outing, the barn, everywhere. She learned how to ride after six months and found a way to heal from her trauma through horsemanship. Her uncle is her mentor and everything she wishes to be and she wants to make him proud at a feverish level and live up to their family name. Her "home" is truly on her uncle's property that hosts a huge training facility and house. He still competes but he also breeds, sells, and trains KWPN horses or any prospects he finds interesting. She frequently visits him whenevershe gets a chance.

Marina is a generally positive person. She has cultivated a strong sense of belonging among horse-filled stalls and busy show circuits. She has an ample amount of close friends and feels intensely loved. Marina is generally never seen as serious and has a cavalier, care-free, playboy attitude. She does not like to talk about her feelings and is closely guarded; she keeps people at an arms length. She would not believe you if you told her that she is terrified of intimacy and loneliness even if her actions seem to show otherwise. She cannot keep a relationship longer than a year, if she even enters one that is serious, and has problems with letting people in. She, however, loves being a solid source of comfort to her friends and often helps them out with their problems both in the arena and out. She is a clever actress and is careful not to let her devil may care attitude slip away.

Never really having an issue with homophobia around her, Marina has been free to express herself in any capacity she has seen. Her uncle and those around her have been careful in showing her unwaivering support and love due to her parents being deceased. Marina is a giant flirt. blablablabla more.


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Zodiac Aries
Education College
Traits Warm, Guarded, Dare devil

Birthday April 2
Smells Like Chanel Homme Sport
Creator friday
Value $$$


The pair have become a tentative friendship since Carmens arrival to the barn. Carmen has a reputation that proceeds her and Marina is up for the challenge of discovering who Carmen really is behind all the gossip. Marina assumes Carmen is straight and finds safety in flirting with her and having a "safe" one-sided crush. This leads her to gradually become confused as to what they actually are.

During their friendship, and before it, Marina and Carmen accidentally became each other's anonymous penpals and they share their deepest thoughts, fears, and feelings through the anonymity of a journal hidden under Carmen's saddle. They don't know that they are learning so much more about each other through this.


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