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Do not add any of my characters to Dreamy or Wanted folders, unless they are up for trade/sale. Pretty much all of the characters in my stories are forever-homed. You can fave if you think the design is neat! I do this too, but dreamies in general make me very uncomfortable. On this note, none of my favorites folders are dreamies. These are designs that either make me happy or I find personally inspiring.

All of my characters have stories, even if they aren't written. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but even then, those ones are incredibly important to me all the same. If you're curious, I'm more than open to discussion! I'm honestly a very open person. 

If you want our characters to be friends, we have to be friends first, so reach out and see what we can do. I love having friends as much as anyone! Thanks for taking a look at my characters <33

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