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My character from yet another dead Pathfinder campaign \o/


Race: Tiefling (daemon-spawn [Venedaemon])

Class: Arcanist

Familiar: Chompy the compsognathus (and later, Chompy the faerie dragon)

Sign: The Magician

Background: Just another war orphan dropped off on the orphanage steps as a baby. Don't mind the greyness, or the.......WHO TATTOOS A BABY?!?!?!

From a young age, Elaryn had a natural affinity and curiosity towards magic, and could often be found among stacks of books on magical theory (these books may or may not have been legally obtained). She and 5 of her "siblings" from the orphanage scrimped and saved until they were old and funded enough to strike out on their own and start an adventuring guild they would name House Chimera.

To see how that went, open the spoiler below. To see what happened after that, go to the timeskip tab.

Adventuring Days:
Elaryn and her party took on odd jobs until they gained some Clout by befriending a member of the Lower Senate, who became a sort of mentor figure to them. Unfortunately, after growing very close to this man, the party discovered he was in a cult devoted to resurrecting a dead god associated with almost ending the world, who "totally isn't evil, just misunderstood!"

The party also learned that dragons were very much real, very much alive, and very much on another continent, where they contemplated glassing the party's continent to stop the aforementioned cultists.

Deciding that dragons and cultists both suck, the party opted to undermine both groups' operations until they were strong enough to defeat them head-on. That day never came: upon finally reaching the cult's headquarters, the party was forced to retreat, and one of Elaryn's "brothers" died immediately afterward (not of wounds or anything, just old age). The remaining party members, divided on whether or not to continue their efforts, went their separate ways.

Elaryn joined an arcane order, convinced that magic held the key to breaching the cultists' HQ. She devoted herself to her studies and soon reached what her peers would call the natural height of her powers. Feeling that this was Not Good Enough, Elaryn reached the Unnatural height of her powers by making bargains with various lesser demons and devils, only to immediately turn around and trap their souls in crystals, so they couldn't force her to pay up later. She was not even remotely subtle about these acts, which were immensely controversial and led to her expulsion from the order (and later, to the advent of the Warlock class in this setting).

At this point, Elaryn had an "interesting" idea: Arcanists "consume" magic items, soul gems are magic items, what if I just....take a little nibble?

But it was not a little nibble at all, and the constant, anguished screaming of the souls she consumed really did a number on her mental state. But hey, she got better at magic, AND she learned a bit about the source of her daemonic heritage, which she decided was a worthwhile avenue to pursue for Even More Power.

She went on to track down everyone with her same bloodline, living or dead....mostly dead.....and used a Fun and Exciting ritual to take on the form of their ancestor, which was Mostly Tentacles.

Now a daemon, of sorts, with countless voices swirling around in her head, Elaryn finally felt she was strong enough to do....something. She forgot what it was, but knew it had something to do with her "siblings." But most of them were dead or missing.....no matter! She would simply have to retrieve them from the afterlife!!!

Elaryn Plane Shifted out of that world and into....the infinite void of interplanar space. Yes, this is where she would.....do......something......shit, she forgot what she was supposed to be doing. Again. But at least she had a little help.

Not All Cultists Suck - these ones devoted to her daemonic ancestor seem alright, and even brought her cool items to--oh. Oh no. She's killed them. They are all dead now. But it's okay, because Elaryn is never alone - she has all the souls she's consumed, unfortunately, and her familiar, the cute little.....ehh......w-well, he's definitely not "little" anymore......and has additional wings and legs.....compound eyes......like a big, evil dragonfly or something.....but she loves him just the same! Together, they'll figure out how to solve.....whatever problem she had that she'd forgotten about!!!

Return of House Chimera:
Elaryn did not, in fact, solve the problem of the old cultists or the dragons or her "siblings" being gone. Her "sister," Yang, having been given a new body by her apprentice's employer, found the former tiefling in the void and was horrified. For the briefest of moments, Elaryn remembered everything clearly, especially the reason for her pursuit of power: those cultists and their quest to resurrect their dead god. She asked for Yang's help, and Yang agreed.

Together, they tracked down what "siblings" of theirs were still alive, and petitioned the god in charge of the afterlife containing their dead "siblings," and were pleasantly surprised when the god agreed to let them come back to life. Something about a prophecy? Whatever.

With all 6 members of House Chimera present, and at this point well into their respective Mythic tiers, they stormed the cultists' compound and utterly destroyed it from within. Turns out screwing over all those devils was completely worth it for the ability to cast Quickened Mythic Fireball.

Realizing her death would lead to an eternity of torment due to the aforementioned screwing over of various entities, Elaryn was content to live forever, a view which her "siblings" did not share. Eventually, they all died of old age, leaving her as the sole remaining member of House Chimera. Of course, she still had myriad voices in her head, but she also had Coping Mechanisms and Alchemical Concoctions that helped mitigate that. She couldn't get rid of the voices entirely, because they were attached to the souls whose magical power she was commandeering - losing those would seriously diminish her spellcasting ability, and that would be Absolutely Unacceptable.

What will happen next?! I don't actually know, it's a WIP ;(

Personality & Appearance: Introverted, bookworm-type who prefers to keep to herself. Can't make eye contact with strangers.
Wears caftans & similar items, in various shades of green. Secretly has a tail, and an arcane tattoo on her back.
Extremely devoted to the study of magic, and to boosting the destructive potential of her spells by any means necessary*.
*The only other things she cares about are her "siblings" and her familiar, so she wouldn't ever hurt them (if she can help it) (might "borrow" some blood, though)