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Gentle Giant. Cool. Attentive.


 Gender male (he/him)
 Build: huge
 Age: old man
 Home: lives with Cliff
 Orientation: gay
 Career: ex-landscaper
 Status: taken (Pasta)


  • exterior design/landscaping
  • warm, sunny days
  • impressing his son

Design Notes

  • heart on both shoulders
  • one scuffed eyebrow
  • deliberately knicked antennae


A calm old man that decided to retire from the back breaking labor of landscaping by building his own brick home, surrounded by an intimidating hedge. The intention was to prevent people from picking his prized flowers and crops, but instead gave him the unwarranted title of the "neighborhood creep". He is, of course, aware of and deeply offended by this but is not neraly interactional enough to do anything about it, prefering to just stay quiet and "let people believe what they want to".

He lives with his son, Cliff, who he has a slightly strained relationship with. After Cliff's mother passed away he went to live with Benny and it was like moving in with a stranger. The two actually have a great deal in common but it's hard to break the emotional walls of a teenage boy. Benny tries very hard to win him over, impress him, make him happy .. and it usually works, but more often than not ends up being at least a little bit awkward. Thw two are trying very hard to make the best of it, which Benny's partner, Pasta, often makes a lot easier with his giddy attitude and enjoyable hobbies! Benny hopes that one day they'll be the storybook-perfect family he hopes they will be!

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