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Basic Info




Appears late 30s, actually 600+


Male | He/Him




[S] Absolute of the East


Urumi; "Notched Restraint"


180 cm | 5'11"


Straight with a possibility of bisexuality




Though he is known to be ruthless and  cruel, he is extremely sociable to the other demons and especially so to  the higher-ranked ones. Still, that doesn’t stop him from coming off as  a bit of an asshole to the lower ranks as he pushes them to their  limits and sadistically punishes those who refuse to bend to his will.  He’s quite a bit of a bragger and enjoys the company of others more than  being alone in his office with paperwork. Despite this, he is very  strict with the rules and works hard to keep everything efficient.

He can be a bit hasty, and jumps to conclusions quickly. He will not tolerate  laziness or lack of effort. He’s not at home as often as one would  think and isn’t particularly loyal to his love live, thus he is not  bound to anyone but his work and his own military.

  Frock grew up in an extravagant demon family run by a very military-based  guideline. Strict, diligent, and straightforward were his father’s  teachings and he holds to those morals still. He holds a lot of respect  for his family and his close friends. Through this, he became an  Absolute by tearing his way to the top, be it through ruthless cunning  or bloodshed most of the demons under him were never too clear. However,  he rules over the Eastern section of Hell with an iron fist and great  deal of punishment to those who defy him.

In the Eastern Side, he  has accumulated a large and extremely disciplined army, run a bit more  strictly than the one of Daten City. Unlike Daten, however, he has a  special force of highly trained Berserkers. Fudoshi held his place in  his army as General of the Berserker Force and Frock’s  second-in-command, responsible for training his army and making sure  they were all disciplined, before he was asked to relocate to Daten  where he was needed. Frock sent him to Daten so Cincher could have an  army to compare to his own, because he feels that they are highly  lacking.


-He absolutely loves tea and coffee and will prefer that over expensive whiskey any day.
-Highly  dislikes clutter in his office because it will remind him that he has a  lot of paperwork, but if he didn’t have a housekeep his home would be  an absolute mess.
-Grew up with two younger siblings, a pair of twins. He has a love-hate relationship with them.
-Loves to dance, in any way possible, and is actually rather good at it. He will dance to literally any music.
-After-hours  he loves to play around and be less strict, but his mood can easily be  ruined if something bad happens and he will be even more or an asshole.
- I prefer to use the term “He likes to play with his food” when it comes to punishment.

    Artist notes:
- The hilt of his urumi is based off of Genesis Rhapsodos’ rapier.
- His coat is, indeed, inspired by Seto Kaiba’s coat in Yu-Gi-Oh! R.
- And similarities to Loki are completely by accident.
-  His weapon is supposed to mean “very little restraint” while also  playing on the word “notched”, which is the type of collar on his  military uniform.