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This character's profile contains spoilers for the stories Grieve in Blood, Keep A Secret, and House of Liars.
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Name Jubilee

Pronouns he/him

Age adult

Race -

Spectrum Fragment

Homeland -

Location COR HQ


Leader (technically speaking) of the COR, Overseer Jubilee is a man of high expectations and dubious methods. Doggedly pursuing his goals (which happen to align along "peace & prosperity for all of existence" and "kill god"), Jubilee is not a stranger to blackmailing people and manipulating them to do as he wants.

Most find him reasonable and understanding, although rather cold and efficient. Despite Jubilee's goals being hopeful and optimistic, he's not afraid to cut corners or settle for less-than-best in favor of longevity. It's better, after all, to leash and endorse negative aspects of life so that they can be regulated rather than scurry deeper into the dark.

He means well, but does come off as... well, a politician. Having few morals and few scruples, he can leave others unsettled and uncertain of his motives, and whether or not he's being honest when he says he's trying to save the world.

As the only person carrying a blessing from the elusive Mag Frag Rendgen, Jubilee rose to position of Overseer quickly, and his sensible demeanor allowed him to slowly overtake leadership of the entire operation (although Overseer "leader" isn't an official title). 


Biographic Information 

Phonetics joo-buh-lee

Height ???






Occupation Overseer

Affiliation Coalition of Reality

Affinity -

AlignmentLawful Evil


Primary ThemeHocus Pocus

Secondary Theme-


Partner(s) Rendgen

Best FriendProfound

Oldest Friend -


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Reasonable and sensible. Highly intelligent and observant, good at planning things and arranging for his plans to actually work. A streak of ruthlessness but isn't overly mean or outward about it. Constantly aware of his reputation and attempting to uphold it. Careful to keep intentions obscured; only doles out information to those who earned it (or are useful). Good at delegation and directing.

Lies through his teeth on the regular. No way to tell if he's speaking the truth or not; no tells. General vibe of slight untrustworthiness anyways, but not enough to make people anxious. Sees relationships as a means to an end. Diplomatic.

No personal values or morals beyond trying to reduce people's suffering. Willing to go to reasonable extremes to solve this. The ends justify the methods. Not really willing to budge long-term, but is always thinking three hundred steps ahead anyways. 

Holds grudges, but only for the worst of the worst. Cough cough.

Cares about his work, not so much bonding. What is "an emotional connection to other people?"


Spoilers for Keep A Secret are present in this section.

or at least it would be if i could be assed to write this rn..... 





Following 49,051


Joined ???

  • Cheesy horror movies
  • Upbeat music
  • Photo booths
  • Knitting
  • Television shows
  • People calling him "Joobs"
  • (except Ren/Profound)
  • Falling asleep
  • Plans going awry

Jubilee - he/him - overseer

I really liked that recent horror by @LETSMOVIET about addiction & its effects. Very touching and well-made, the writing was excellent.

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Rendgen    (partner, It's Complicated)
So much history together that summarizing it is a Feat. Owes his life and existence to Ren, but doesn't take his shit and keeps him on the straight & narrow best the can. So many regrets and feelings jumbled up inside of him that he has trouble trying to sort through them.


Profound    (best friends)
First friend he made when coming to the COR, stayed close ever since. Became Overseers together. So busy with his own shit that he forgets Profound is also dealing with his own shit. Tries to be there for him, but isn't exactly a master at emotions and comforting.


Pyatiugolnik    (please do your job)
Respected and adored Pya when he lived with the Mags, desperately wanted his approval. Now a little asshurt he never got it and Blessings got given to other people, but tries not to take it personally. Now more concerned that Pya's influence might slip, with all the babies around.


Kolo    (please do your job x 2)
Respects Kolo's authority, but can't figure out what happened between him and Dijamant. Figures he has no right to judge because of himself and Ren, but judges anyways. Stays in touch to get information from the Mags that isn't filtered through Ren.


Farley    (friend?)
Found Farley and gave him a job, which the other is infinitely grateful for. Knew he was a Mag, but elected to let Farley decide his boundaries around that. Tries not to push him too hard or exert him; delegates menial office-work to him to keep him busy.


Soph    (*hits chest* Respect)
One of the founders of the COR, and heavily admired. Though he's known her long enough now to have let time wash away his blind idealization of her, still listens to her opinion and thoughts. Thinks she's a little out of touch nowadays, but traditions are important.


Morning Star    (friend)
Small smidge of resentment for having Pya's Blessing, but quickly overtaken when he realizes MS is easily manipulated and relatively benign. Doing his best to make sure assholes don't come after MS and trying to keep MS safe in his pocket.


Magnotris    (friend)
Likes the other's attitude and grit, wishes he could be as direct and bitchy sometimes. Does think he can be a little too crude and upfront with his motivations. Worries that he'll get his ass handed to him one of these days, but does rely on his determination.


Vodovorot    (acquaintance)
Met through Farley, doesn't know him very well. Farley seems to like him a lot and he seems kind enough without being underhanded, so opinion is fairly decent. If he had time to be more curious he'd totally ask Vodo a billion questions.


Archise    (coworker)
Archise might be erratic and feral, but he is dependable to some extent and also just good at his job. Jubilee can tell the paperwork and sorting is killing the guy, so he tries to send Archise on missions as often as possible. Kinda appreciates his jokes.


Eclisse    (local dumbass)
Eclisse is stupid but he isn't malicious. His Overseer position wasn't touted by Jubilee nor did he vote on it, but he respects the choices of his peers. He serves as a nice PR/speech guy, though, since he's personable and people not working under him seem to like him.


Profiterole    (coworker)
Expanded the Sanctum at Jubilee's behest. Not close by any means, but have a decent working relationship. Calls on Profiterole to keep the Sanctum organized and available for his schemes, which he does, though not without some minor complaints about "overreaching."


Sundae    (ex-friends)
Misses the relationship they used to have, aware that it's literally never coming back. Grateful they at least have the doors open now for nice political talk. Some admiration for the other's charisma and Haven. Buries his feelings about it pretty easily.


Dijamant    (distrust)
Dij rubs him the wrong way, in every way, but he has little evidence to back it up. Grateful he doesn't poke his nose into COR business that often or else Jubilee would have an aneurysm. Cannot fathom why the Mags seem to like him so much, but whatever.


Sterling    (trying to fix this)
Regrets treating Sterling poorly, though mostly because it bit him in the ass. Empathizes with the other's suffering, but thinks he's a little too dramatic about it. Did genuinely mean the apology, but isn't interested in a friendship - mostly performative.


Shestiugolnik    (for fuck's sake)
CONSTANTLY disobeyed COR rules, and does so visibly as a Mag Frag, which only causes weird dissent and arguments to break out. Doesn't listen to reason and keeps trying to arrange rallies at headquarters. So, so glad Kolo is also telling Sessy to stop.


Juice    (coworker)
Used to be a thorn in his side. Technically not anymore, but that doesn't mean Jubilee trusts him now. Aware that their goals are the same, but doesn't trust Juice due to his background and the things he's gone through. Constantly sticking his nose into Divinity's business.


Glory    (regret)
Regrets what he had to do to protect the COR. Happy he actually intervened before a full-throttle faction split occurred. Used to admire and look up to Glory before the coup; now thinks of him as a self-centered snake, but still can't shake all the old regard.



  • Favorite color is vibrant green
  • Enjoys spring - it's very green, and he can pick dandelions
  • Doesn't bother with eating
  • Strongest sense is hearing; strongest taste is sweet
  • Ambidextrous
  • Is very not fond of bureaucracy and avoids it whenever possible; thinks it's a waste of time that's better spent helping people
  • When he had more free time, enjoyed watching movies and shows, analyzing them in real-time with his watching partner
    • Still occasionally gets to do this! But barely has the time to even really nap anymore, he's so busy ;_;
  • Says he never had a Timeline to anyone who asks
  • Swapped into the dress outfit after becoming an Overseer; contemplated changing it but it's part of his brand now
  • Good at math
  • Things he does to destress: uhhhh
    • Does like to knit little things, like mittens and hats
    • Never gives them to anyone - they're just to let him calm down and think for a bit while getting to use his hands still
  • Don't Ask About The Rendgen Blessing
    • Or His Past

Public Perception


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