Overseer Jubilee



3 years, 4 months ago



  Jubilee   Head overseer

The unofficial leader of the COR. Despite all Overseers retaining an equal amount of power, Jubilee's seniority and intimidation mean that he's often consulted for decisions, and many look towards him as an authority figure. He accepts this responsibility, adding it to the list of other duties he carries. 

Though he can come off as stilted and awkward in small talk and outside work environments (of which he is rarely), Jubilee is a stellar politician and incredibly future-orientated. The kind of politician who has a big secret in their past and some mysterious, possibly-evil goal they're trying to reach. Ends justify the means. You know.

What raises some eyebrows around the COR is his status as the only holder of a Rendgen Blessing. Not typically a Mag who supports the COR, or even can be depended upon to enact positive change, it's quite a strange turn for the COR's leader to carry his. Still, Jubilee's had his Blessing for as long as the COR can remember - and though he's tight-lipped about his past, he's even more wound-up over that.

Despite Jubilee himself being fairly optimistic - and his goals deeply idealistic - it's hard to shake off the feeling that he's disappointed in people, with a tired frown on his face more often than not. HIs seeming lack of morals and boundaries make him all the more unsettling, though his choices are never intentionally malicious or self-serving. 

Still, he knows he doesn't have much of a trustworthy aura to others, so he tries not to take it personally when they're suspicious of him.