Manuel Richards (Retrograde)



2 years, 4 months ago


✦ Retrograde

MaskWhite Spider
SuitWhite/Gold, Elegant

MaskFalling Man's Crown
SuitBlack, Glass
✦ Yesterday

MaskCrow Skull
SpeciesPressumably Human
SuitBlack/Purple, trashed
✦ About

✦ Retrograde

Manny arrives to the masqurade in this persona, unable to think of anything containing any information about people he's previously met without getting a strong pain in his head. When he tries to recognize people, he feels his head be turned away by an unkown force. When he tries to listen to or repeat words he should be able to understand, they turn into unidetifable sounds and give him a migraine. Any time he tries to focus on anything it fizzles out. He assumes this is Beetles fault.

During the start of the ball, Retrograde became infatuated with Ada as she walked onto the floor, and then fell harder for her when he, Seven and Ada all started working on trying to figure out the weird language properties of the area. With the arrival of someone on the floor using a name his mind forbid him from remembering, Retrograde attempted to speak to the person named "Aem" and figure out how she had disobeyed the rules. Not much luck due to her own refusal to speak with him and his mind not being able to process any of the information he was recieving, he switched oved to trying to protect Ada from whatever warning alarms his brain was trying to send him through the power of the masks. The two shared a long talk about theorizing before getting distracted with an attempted dance turned wrong, and then being seperated in the crowd that flooded the floor soon after their song ended. Retrograde was sorted onto Team Party for the caper and hasn't seen Seven, Aem or Ada since.

✦ Yesterday

After being hit with a deadly blast of magical fire, Manny found himself in another room, wearing an oddly famillair yet completely different suit. He hasn't really realized this though, having no memories of being Retorgrade... But at least now all his memories are working closer to the carefully filed case documents he's used to looking over.

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