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Let me be the fool that lives and dies for you.

Manny is a hopeless flirt and romantic, and has ended up far more polyam than I initially intended just because I’ve been extra indulgent with him. This is an incomplete list of the more established ships I have for him across all AUs, constantly growing because I have no shame and can’t be stopped.

I will be delighted and over the moon for artwork of any of these ships.

Let me know if you'd like me to remove or add a relationship to this page. If the ship isn't here it's either because I got tired of messing with code or I don't have a nice cute picture of it yet. Likewise, if you're interested in shipping your OC with my bisexual disaster well... hit me up eyes emoji.

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  • Him Bi For:
  • Taller
  • Talkative
  • Confident
  • Flirtatious
  • Curious

Manny's first love, and largest heartbreak that he gave himself. Manny is still deeply in love with Arin, and Arin shares likewise feelings, even if they both agree their separation is for the best at this point.
Practically Every Universe


Manny and Owain work well in most universes after they get over some initial bumps. The more carefree attitude and willingness to just accept his fault without trying to fix it that Manny carries into any relationship usually rubs Owain the wrong way, when he works so hard to take responsibility for his past mistakes. But with a greater understanding that they’ve both come from different rough lives, usually the two can find a comfortable compromise between themselves and enjoy relaxing and growing old together.
Canon Modern Starlight Indulgence YoungAdult Minecraft Farm Pirate Spook


There's something addicting about flirting with Kazuya, between how sure he is of himself and the complete fluster he ends up in moments later. Manny finds himself feeling like a joyful kid around Kazu, that he could take on anything. But the moment he's not directly around him, Manny ends up wondering if all of Kazu's scars and history had something to do with the fact that he walked into his life.
Canon Modern YoungAdult Indulgence Pirate Spook


Drawn to how passionate the other was about his study, on top of the matching ebb and flow of flirtatious personality, Manny always ends up falling harder for August than he ever expects. They can easily become intoxicated with each others amourity, sometimes to dangerous extents, which results in a hurt far worse than most of Manny’s regular breakups.
Canon Indulgence


Manny and Atticus have a complex relationship, bent hard around loneliness, the desperate need for intimacy, and the exchange of knowledge for a price. It was never healthy, but at least it was a constant they could lie to themselves about. It never turns out well, but they have a hard time stopping…
Canon Spook Demon Hunter


Ada has everything Manny gets subconsciously drawn to in a romantic interest. He can sometimes get tripped up due to oddities about her that he doesn’t quite understand, but that doesn’t keep him from falling head over heels eventually. Their infectious curiosities help energize each other and keep the magnetism going, even with Ada doesn’t add any natural romance to the relationship herself.
Canon Starlight


Manny and Yuki both have a more straightforward approach to things, as well as a similar lack of hesitation, so while there’s usually some mistrust and miscommunications to clear up from introductions, the two can easily fall into a partnership without too much issue. They find comfort in each other’s strength and independence, though their combined guilt might get the best of them some day.
Dragon Swap!Dragon


Miteby Jones
Usually when Manny’s relationship with Jones is ever stronger than acquaintance so far, it’s in an almost loyal dog sort of way. Whether because he believes in Jones’s cause or simply is optimistic in the scientist, Manny wants to support him towards a better life. In some cases, that idea of a better life differs from what Jones is thinking of, but the two will have to cross that bridge when they get to it.
Vampire Swap


Dust and Manny are super easy to ship in any military situation they could meet in. Dust and Manny lean on each other a lot in times of need for comfort, and thanks to their free-flowing nature, even when having to break apart the relationship the two always kept a fondness for each other in their hearts. Dust’s similar calm aura meshes well with Manny’s, and is very good at helping Manny get through his own self depreciation and guilt.
Starlight Minecraft


Val and Manny have a lot of potential for a good bond, but both are quick to immediately take the instant gratification option instead. They find each other in times of needing touch and exhillieration, and marinate in the fact that neither of them are comfortable digging deeper than that. It’s interesting when a bond between them is forced how they still try to ride as close to that ideal as possible.
Starlight Indulgence


Like Ada and Arin, Regis carries a lot of traits that quickly catch Manny’s eye. But his passion and dominant personality can easily overtake Manny, pulling him into a trap he might start to regret later due to conflicting morals, even though those morals are probably more conflicted within himself instead of between him and Regis.
Minecraft Vampire

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