【 Name 】 Aman Galia
Previously: Aman Sorsbort
【 Specie 】 Wolven / Goat (Illegally Merged)
【 Sex 】 Female 【 Year of Birth 】 N/A
【 Religion 】 Animon 【 Citizenships 】 Canis La'Can
【 Sexuality 】 Bi 【 Occupation 】 N/A
【 Song 】 N/A 【 Voice 】 N/A

Book Quote



Krish Galia

[ adoptive father ]


Fali Galia

[ adoptive father ]

She looks the halfway point between a wolven and a goat..

Design Notes

Her eyes are a weird mix between goat and humanoid

Her legs are not digigrade, but her ankles are fucked

Art Permissions

✔ unsexualised casual nudity is allowed.

✘ do not draw anything sexual. No fluids, no sexual poses / situations, nothing erect, etc.

✔ fist fights, mild injuries, blood noses / small wounds, and dangerous situations are fine

✘ please do not draw this character with serious wounds / excessive blood

✘ do not draw this character dying, dead, or killing someone

Brighten / Saturate colours:
✔ no need to colour pick, and may use excessive filters and change the saturation / etc to suit your style

Stylise Design:
✔ you can change features of the character to suit your design; stylising wings, making tails shorter / thinner, changing hair styles, etc. is fine!

Change Body Type:
✘ keep their body type close to their references; thin characters stay thin, fat characters stay fat

She’s a wolven girl who was kidnapped as a child and forcefully merged with a goat using magic. She was eventually rescued, but her kidnapper had faked her death and her parents killed themselves in their grief, so she’s an orphan. Krish takes her in and raises her.

She also has pika, ptsd, anxiety, and fainting fits … animal merging isn’t a kind magic, especially not when used on Sentients