Jimmy (Young)



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Basic info

Jeroen Mulder
Jimmy, creep, Mr. Mulder (by everyone)
Blood type
Type O
182 cm
Police officer
4 April
Associated animal
Bronze-winged parrot

Skills and fighting style


Able to summon/make it rain swords.
Good at physical combat.
Manners maketh...
Amazing at interrogation.


Jimmy's style of fighting is based around his ability to summon/make it rain swords. Depending on the situation, he changes the way he fights and uses different tricks. Summoning abilities aren't special in his universe but thanks to his amazing 'magic' reserves, Jimmy is able to conjure a lot of swords and sustain them for a long time. 

When Jimmy is feeling fine and healthy, he will conjure two swords and dual wield them. Due to the nature of his swords he can alter the shape of them thus making it unpredicatable. It's also incredibly light for him to swing them around since they're made out of 'magic' though other people cannot hold it. If Jimmy no longer wants to use his swords he can simply let go of them. Jimmy will make it rain swords for crowd control or when he needs to deal something quickly though he does this very rarely. If he's really tired, he will wield only one sword at the time.

Because it can be draining to keep using his summoning ability, he has trained to be good in pyshical combat as well. Even though it may seem puzzling at first why he would pick this style over using his swords, Jimmy has stated that it takes more effort to use the swords than to simply punch a guy. If he's able to get away with just doing this, Jimmy does it.

Quirks and physical appearance

Jimmy is infamous for his ridiculous appearance in his spare time. He genuinely believes that he's a trendsetter and good-looking. No one dares to tell him that he actually looks ridiculous out of sheer fear. Jimmy has a huge wardrobe and adores every article of clothing he owns. While he's at work however, he dresses very properly.

Jimmy is well-known for his dramatic behaviour and gestures, often pointing with his finger to other people while talking to him. His signature "Ohohoho" laugh always makes it clear that Jimmy is somewhere close and thoroughly enjoying something. He has however, one strange quirk. Jimmy rarely looks someone in the eye when he's not being serious which often unsettles people and makes him seem more detached to others. Whenever someone brings this up he just simply shrugs it off and moves on.


Jeroen always dreamed of becoming a policeman when he was a kid, wanting to help and save people. This caused him to develop a strong sense of idealism and justice.

When his dream finally came true, it was immediately shattered. The city was filled with corrupt cops, barely lifting a finger against criminals. But the worst of them all was the chief, who profited from the situation. Jimmy wanted to do something but he knew he couldn’t do it right in front of them so he decided to murder the "rats" in secret, hiding the bodies very carefully.

After several years, his colleagues started to notice a decline in criminal activity and look into the disappearances of certain. Combined with them discovering the site where he hid all the bodies, Jimmy knew he was going to get caught soon. As his last stand, he murdered several of his corrupt colleagues and the chief.

Much to his surprise, the Organization offered him a job. Jimmy never got convicted for his murders, much to his surprise.


Jimmy is incredibly optimistic and upbeat, cracking jokes whenever he can. He’s good with children and frequently gets called pathetic by others, which results into him acting like a crying kid. 

In reality, Jimmy knows all too well what he’s doing. While genuinely being light-hearted, it’s partially an act in order to make people feel at ease and assume that he’s nonthreatening. His true colours are rarely shown, preferring to stay silent about his actual thoughts and opinions.

If he’s acting more mature, it means that he’s being honest about himself and being open but at the same time, getting Jimmy to act serious is not something to be taken lightly. His voice usually will get lower and his words get more sinister. If you get him to act like this, it’s very likely that you won’t come out of it alive.

Trivia and headcanons

  • Jimmy loves stroopwafels, claiming that every other waffle is inferior.
  • He still feels like he should’ve gone to prison for his crimes.
  • Jimmy would often visit the old people’s home and chat with the residents in order to cope with his stress and actions.