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 PRONOUNS  he/him 
 GENDER  male 
 ORIENTATION   straight (?) 
AGE 36 yrs
 BIRTHDAY   02/14 
 SPECIES   Leopard seal 


(points only for now!)

NOTE: SO clearly! bro fights things yeah? this'll go for Finn, Tage and Cao (mains) and anyone else you'd see in some sorta formal wear. I want them to kill creatures like Booth's, Jousk's and Tage's lil creatures. I'm taking heavy ref for what they are from Homunculus but more for how they're an attachment to the host's soul or smth in a way, instead of ig a trauma? it manifests as a real thing and are often a threat to others and ig the host bc while they can't outright kill them they just end up draining the host's lifeforce... but there are exceptions :0c! (Kamen riders with the funny demons specific to that person and Chainsawman again with the demons made of an accumulated fear of people) Persons in this profession don't live too long it's a pretty risky one obvi.

Tage is more happy go lucky being an older brother of a set of siblings. His family life is vibey, middle income fam they, no problems here. He's always had an interest in I guess whimsical magical things, hence his interest in the profession he's chosen, it's straight up just pure interest. Full of charisma and v humble n good at what he's doin so he's quickly promoted to an officer position and leads his own little group (Tage and Cao for all we know rn). They work well together, him n Cao keep Tage under control for the most part, no one else wanted to work with bro. 



  • story videogames (all types of genres tbh)
  • music concerts
  • family outings
  • all seasons!
  • aircrafts
  • neon colours
  • small spaces
  • spicy food
  • crocs
  • awkward silences


  • content
  • content
  • content
  • content
  • content
  • light clothing on bro! not a fan of layered clothing.
  • wears sneakers mostly.
  • some type of eyewear in sunny areas.
  • weird blue iris.



Tage actually introduced Finn to music concerts he'd go to, Finn wonders how the hell he has time to attend these all the time. Is a fan of the atmosphere so it's smth they do at the end of every month if there's something happening no matter the genre. Cool bro! sends him memes n they're a chaotic fighting duo


Good buddy! they talk about sports while in the office the most and go out for dinner at the end of every week to celebrate the weekend (Tage joins sometimes but doesn't stay for long, bro disappears) They don't talk outside of work. More of an orchestrated duo when it comes to fighting


Kind ol soul n peer, enjoys hearing about their job stuff. It's become routine of them to have a café meetup for lunch on Saturdays (he's a friend of everyone atp!!) Carries most of the convo n fails to keep confidential work details a secret she be knowing it all.


Possible suspect of a string of murders that have been going on around the city as of recent. Finn finds it hard to believe it's her because to him she's a little antisocial weirdo teen, but its their job so yeah. 


Does not understand why Arcade hangs around Booth, big sibling moment, thinks Booth is a bad influence on Arcade and tells her to be careful of her bestay (She's just offended the entire time)