LeFleuris de Floraize

leh-FLOO-riss de floh-RAYZ
Genderfluid (primarily leans male)
August 22nd
Leo-Virgo Cusp

A plant man who works as an advisor to and Representative of All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant. He's known for his gorgeous looks and his demeanor that's equal parts tempting and ominous. He seems incredibly untrustworthy, but like all evil overlords tend to do, Hadris either doesn't notice or doesn't mind. Though, perhaps LeFleuris isn't as typical an "evil advisor" as people assume...

Content Warnings: LeFleuris' backstory section discusses child abduction, human trafficking, child sexual abuse, slavery, dismemberment, decapitation, torture, coercion, medical experimentation, all manners of abuse, death, and body horror. He's had a bad time of it, but every other section should be safe to read should you be unable to stomach that!


LeFleuris is everything a stereotypical evil advisor ought to be: graceful, seductive, charismatic, hard to read, snarky, and forever surrounded by an aura of untrustworthiness. He's the sort of person who's clearly up to no good, but you can't do a thing about him since he's never done anything but help you. He tends to stare at people and get entirely too close, pushing just as many buttons as he can without getting into trouble.

LeFleuris is disconcertingly interested in people and can listen to someone ramble about their life for hours without appearing to get bored. He has a memory that's entirely too good and will often off-handedly mention a fact he should have forgotten long ago, just to make sure people know he's always listening. He enjoys reminding people of their place.

In spite of the persona he likes to put on, LeFleuris is incredibly loyal to Hadris and only ever betrays him to spice things up. He's fiercely protective of the few people who manage to make him care about them and utterly merciless to those who earn his ire.

LeFleuris is well known for his charisma and flirting with all who cross his path, no stranger to flings here and there. It's rare to manage to keep him in a real relationship, and those who succeed might not even be aware of his success. He doesn't like showing his vulnerabilities, so he'll keep up his shameless debonair act up in front of them no matter how long they're together. He'll spoil and pamper them, at least, and if they continue treating him like a real person they might just scratch through his carefully-laid surface.

Beneath said surface lies a man full of regrets and trauma that's been carefully buried. Every time he references his past as something sorrowful instead of something that built character, his voice always sounds far away. He's made a clear effort to distance himself from the past while still allowing it to weigh heavily on his mind. He doesn't know how to feel about himself, his past, or anyone else. He doesn't know what he should be proud of and what he should be ashamed of. He's deeply confused about what he truly deserves and whether or not he's worthy of things like success and forgiveness.

He dislikes thinking too much about himself, though, and those who act like he can be so easily "fixed" bother him. He would much rather put all of those feelings aside and live life as someone who can be both hated and loved in ways so shallow that he never has to question how he should feel in response.


Edibles Water, meat, tempura, coffee, and secretly... fruit salad. Scandalous. It's worth noting that he really likes water, though.
Weather Warm, humid days with bright sunlight. He's also fond of a good rain, especially if he can get out in it without anyone looking...
Activities Small talk, people-watching, administering medical aid, flirting, toying with people, solo drives, browsing the internet, cuddling, watching people squirm, playing with his hair, playing with someone else's hair...
Colors Vibrant greens and white.
Misc. His partners, water again, all manner of luxuries, party games, designer pens, warm clothing, motorcycles, sweet victory, puns, debauchery. He's loathe to admit it, but he has a fondness for bees...


EdiblesWatching people eat fruits and vegetables, especially raw, weirds him out. He has a special loathing for broccoli for some reason.
Weather The cold. LeFleuris absolutely despises the cold with all the fiber of his being. He'll start complaining at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything actually below freezing... he'd rather just be dead. As such, he tends to stay warmly dressed whenever possible, even if it's already warm. He also dislikes dry air, but not as much as he dislikes the cold.
Activities Being thirsty, being touched, getting up in the morning, humoring obnoxious people.
People Thieves, people with no class, those who argue for the sake of arguing, personal space invaders, anyone who's too much like him.
Misc. Mornings, paper, fire, most insects, small animals (especially herbivores,) pesticides, arguments that go nowhere, when it's cloudy but still doesn't rain all day, static shocks, when people don't put the caps back on things when they're done with them.




LeFleuris is tall, standing at 6'3". His build is somewhat feminine, helped by his waist-length bright green hair that's usually loosely tied back. Though it looks just like hair up close, it feels not unlike grass because that essentially is what it is. He often has a random assortment of flowers blooming in his hair, and the more there are the more likely he's in a good mood... or trying to look like he's in a good mood. His eyes - narrow and perpetually watching - are a green color that's even brighter than his hair. His skin - unnaturally smooth and with a texture like that of a flower's stem - is a dark green color, dotted with bio-luminescent freckles. He's also noted for his long, elegant fingers.

On his neck are prominent electrical scars from the many years he spent enslaved. He despises being touched anywhere near said scars and will go to whatever lengths necessary to keep them covered.


LeFleuris is very seldom seen outside of high-end clothing and tends to wear multiple layers due to his sensitivity to the cold. He adores suits and jackets, especially with elaborate designs. Due to his desire to cover the scars on his neck, LeFleuris almost always wears turtlenecks and will sometimes wear scarves on top of them for extra security. He sometimes wears a green armband on his left arm to signify his status as the Minoav Representative.


LeFleuris has had many years to hone his ability to fake his emotions. Even though he's safe now and has no reason to lie to the people he's surrounded himself with, he always keeps his facade controlled and calm. He almost permanently wears a smug smile and the way he carries himself has been described as "sickeningly elegant." He likes to look confident, but also slightly unnerving and definitely untrustworthy. He only shows the emotions he wants to show, so those who know him know they can never trust what they see.


LeFleuris always has a pleasant scent, though it varies depending on the kinds of flowers he allows to bloom on his person. The most prominent aspect of his scent seems to be pollen.


I've always imagined his voice as sounding pretty similar to Yutaka Koizumi's.


LeFleuris was born a Phlorean in a world full of Xyleans. In other words, he was born with the ability to manipulate flora on a planet where the dominant species was essentially humanoid flora. Phloreans made up a very small percent of the population of the planet – less than 1% - and for good reason, the Xyleans insisted. Should a Phlorean will it, they could kill any Xylean they pleased with very little effort.

Like any Phlorean who failed to hide their true nature, LeFleuris was apprehended by Phlorean traffickers (who were seldom punished for their crimes despite their visibility) at around 7 years of age, equipped with a shock collar activated by usage of his powers, and relocated to a "housing center" for Phlorean children. There he was roomed with Blanchael and Aloizea, who he adopted as his siblings and immediately renamed to their current names, encouraging them not to become the faceless identities they were supposed to be.

The three were mainly relegated to prostitution, as Phloreans were viewed as beautiful and unattainable among interested parties. Their other primary use was to serve as medical experiments, though more severe experimentation was saved as punishment. Phloreans were also offered unimpressive benefits for willingly offering their participation, but many were eager to take what they could get.

LeFleuris was away for experimentation often. In particular he was subject to different injuries and diseases, often dismembered or vivisected. This was to test the healing factor of Phloreans and therefore presumably Xyleans as well. Said experiments also allowed for the production of natural anesthetics and medications which Phloreans could then be pushed to mass produce for the benefit of Xyleans. Every once in a while organs would be carefully harvested, the practitioners knowing Phloreans could reproduce them infinitely if the procedure was handled properly.

Though unbearably unpleasant, LeFleuris continued to get himself into labs whenever possible. Through the experiments he was able to learn more about his powers and limits without risking getting himself electrocuted to death, and if he could get some benefits for his siblings every now and then that made it more worthwhile.

Though much colder now and certainly more quiet, LeFleuris continued to serve as the anchor for his siblings throughout the years, insisting that they keep thoughts of freedom in their minds and continue planning for the day that they would rule. They spoke of revolution in whispers when they could, LeFleuris weaving tales about how the power they held was so much more than they had ever been told.

As the three grew older, the expectations for them were raised. Manual labor was more frequently pushed onto them, and the siblings were often split apart as their assignments kept them far from each other for months at a time. Punishments became significantly more severe; an incident where LeFleuris chopped off all of his hair as a silent act of rebellion to a superior lead to Blanchael getting his arm cut off in front of him. LeFleuris became even quieter, Blanchael began to close on himself, and Aloizea grew weary. Blanchael fell ill often and Aloizea casually threatened suicide every day, boredly attempting it once or twice.

One day Aloizea told her brothers about plans to escape in a place where others weren't likely to hear. LeFleuris called her a fool and dragged Blanchael along with him, encouraging him not to listen to anything she said.

All that came back of Aloizea that night was her head, flowers budding from her eyes.

LeFleuris was shaken even though he had seen Aloizea's fate coming for so long. He was more distraught than he had ever been in his life, in fact, and dangerously close to showing it. LeFleuris instructed Blanchael to stay quiet and to not bring any more suspicion upon the family. Once they got a job together somewhere, they would make their move. It would be a risk that could cost them their lives, but if not now, then when?

Fortunately, it didn't take too long for an opportunity to arise. Paired up for a combination prostitution job and drug delivery with a familiar and wealthy client, LeFleuris managed to get hold of a chef's knife and kill their client, immediately instructing Blanchael to decapitate him with it as quickly impossible. Having not discussed this in the slightest at any point, Blanchael was thrown into a panic. LeFleuris was forced to decapitate the Phlorean housemaid who responded to the noise in order to prove that - if they acted very quickly - a Phlorean could remove their collar after decapitation and then heal themselves back together, very much alive and now able to use their powers freely. And if Blanchael couldn't decapitate him quickly enough, LeFleuris assured him that he could turn the knife on himself before anyone could stop him.

Blanchael just barely managed to bring himself to decapitate LeFleuris in time, removing his collar. LeFleuris, having experience in healing lost parts and having heard rumors of successful decapitation survivals (only believing it when examining the flowers blooming from Aloizea's head and honestly only truly convinced after nearly killing the maid) swiftly healed himself and began a rampage through the building, testing out his powers on everyone he and Blanchael came across. The two escaped into the night with nothing but the clothes on their backs, a bag containing Aloizea's head and enough illegal substances to hide it, and the knife that LeFleuris wasted no time in freeing Blanchael with despite his terrified protests.

Having nowhere to go and having only the money they scraped together from selling what they had been instructed to deliver, the brothers lived from day to day searching for refuge. They followed rumors of sanctuaries to no avail, never sure when one of the rumors was going to be the death of them or worse. LeFleuris decided that they needed transportation of their own if they ever wanted to get anywhere, but first they needed more funds. Able to manipulate their appearances to some extent with their powers, LeFleuris and Blanchael returned to prostitution, the latter only with very heavy coercion. Desperate for money and knowing they'd never be in one place for long if they could avoid it, LeFleuris began stealing things from clients to sell later in other towns.

Within a year the two had managed to purchase a motorcycle and aimed to get as far away from "home" as they possibly could, hoping the distance would keep them from being recognized by anyone. Now back to square one, however, the two needed to raise money again. Determined to shoot higher and raise enough money to keep them set for life, LeFleuris began instructing Blanchael on how to harvest his organs, threatening to take out his instead if he didn't cooperate. They slowly garnered a profit from the black market, moving on to the production of anesthetics, poisons, and mind-altering substances as Blanchael unwillingly grew better at his job.

Having afforded to move to the other side of the planet, the two were shocked to run into the housemaid LeFleuris had freed long ago, someone they had never bothered to consider the fate of and had long since forgotten. She introduced herself as Vielotta and introduced the brothers to the organization she was a part of called The Bloom: a small assortment of Phloreans resembling a biker gang that had all been freed by Vielotta using the technique LeFleuris had unintentionally taught her. She encouraged them to join her, and the two agreed.

Becoming part of The Bloom didn't change much; they did much of the same work as before to raise money, only now in a group that was more violent than ever. Aloizea's head became their mascot and they gradually became visible to the public eye, inciting panic. It was a small but powerful group; they were a threat and they knew it. However, every day they faced more opposition and started to find themselves overwhelmed.

After losing his eye in a particularly brutal fight, LeFleuris did some experimentation and discovered that by growing a flower in his eye and growing an identical one elsewhere he could spy on others. In dire need of information and stealth - not to mention it matched Aloizea's head wonderfully - a number of others in The Bloom followed suit. LeFleuris gouged out Blanchael's eye himself, not caring enough that he backed away, that he screamed, that he insisted this wasn't what she would have wanted. Freedom came with a price, and power moreso. They were on the verge of tearing the world apart, and this was just a stepping stone to it. Besides, they could grow anything back. It wasn't that big of a deal.

Blanchael grew more and more distant as The Bloom's numbers increased. Their expanding influence was a double-edged sword: it was almost impossible to go anywhere without fighting for their lives at this point. Severely outnumbered and having very little support from any Xyleans, the members realized they were in over their heads.

One day, Vielotta discussed a rumor she had heard about a demon who wished to take over the world. She didn't believe anything until she was handed a bizarre pamphlet complete with contact information. LeFleuris took it upon himself to contact the number given, surprised to find himself confronted with, indeed, some sort of demon who was eager to take over and was kind of disappointed that all of the Xyleans were ignoring him in their panicked state.

The gang discussed their options and decided quickly that it would be for the best to get on the good side of All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant. They wasted no time in explaining their predicament to him, encouraging him to help them take over and completely destroy the oppressive system that was in place against the Phloreans. Hadris didn't have any problem with that and agreed, since helping the Phloreans was just like taking over himself but with an added warm, fuzzy feeling.

The next few years were bloody and chaotic, ultimately concluding with the victory of the Phloreans and, by extension, Hadris. Hadris immediately got to work managing the planet's mangled structure, granting The Bloom and the other Phloreans relief at last.

Hadris offered the core members of The Bloom positions in his dimension, grabbing LeFleuris' attention. Eager to distance himself from everything that had happened but fearful of what LeFleuris would do to their planet should he be allowed any control over it, Blanchael refused and harshly voiced his opinion to LeFleuris in private. Channeling all of the anger that had built up inside of him throughout the years, Blanchael pushed him to leave, destroying Aloizea's head in the process and nearly killing LeFleuris for good measure.

LeFleuris joined Hadris in his dimension and eventually rose to the rank of Minoav Representative, leaving Blanchael and primarily Vielotta to handle things back home. He still returns home once in a blue moon for the sake of public relations, but his relationship with his brother hasn't improved - only quieted.

In the years since joining Hadris, he's become one of Hadris' closest advisors even amongst the other Representatives. There is little Hadris won't trust him with. For example, he knows why Hadris was so interested in taking in two random humans from a planet of little worth. Of course, in his curiosity he found himself becoming a bit too attached to them... but what harm could possibly come from that?

He's more afraid to find out than he'll admit. After all, the last time he got this invested in anyone...

RP History

LeFleuris began his adventure in the RPverse being thrown into something called the Competition in a place called the Test Reality, forced to compete against dozens of other people to gather enough points to win the game and become a being above gods. That wasn't LeFleuris' priority, though. He just lost a bet and wound up working recon. After observing for a while he set out and geared himself up, shortly thereafter witnessing one Julias Nightshade bullying some sort of bedsheet ghost and stealing her stuff. After failing to make an alliance with said ghost, he instead allied himself with a nervous, shifty girl named Violie Picheli - a girl who happened to be his target.

LeFleuris escorted Violie back to the apartment building everyone woke up in, spending some time eavesdropping on the Manipulators - the reality-bending overseers of the Competition - as they discussed some serious matters with Julias and his associate, Arquen. And a talking box. It was all going so well when Julias abruptly started bleeding all over the place upon trying to remember something, prompting one of the Manipulators, Niya, to rush LeFleuris and Violie out of the room and upstairs instead.

Unfortunately for LeFleuris and Niya both, shortly after ascending to the second floor the second day of the Competition began. On the first day there was a ban on killing, but the second day had no such restrictions. Violie shot Niya in the abdomen and, after a struggle, shot LeFleuris in the stomach and fled down the stairs with the backpack and gun he had purchased. While Niya wasn't so fortunate, LeFleuris had expected Violie's betrayal before even speaking to her and had the foresight to hide a medical kit on his person, allowing him to patch himself up after she left. Once the coast seemed clear and he was just well enough to move, he headed downstairs just in time to see Arquen use LeFleuris' stolen gun to kill an enraged Violie. Arquen returned the gun to LeFleuris, albeit reluctanty, and then...

The Competition abruptly ended because the woman in charge, some manner of goddess named Opine Frazil, was displeased with how it was progressing.

Hadris warned him to expect that possibility, so while LeFleuris had been prepared for more violence he settled with returning home. At the time Hadris was running a hotel stationed in the interdimensional clusterfuck that is the RPverse, so LeFleuris changed out of his bloodied clothing and prepared to bring some new employees to orientation as though he was having a perfectly ordinary day. But then that thread kinda died so instead he wound up working at Chestnut Chateau: a fancy mansion run by one of those Manipulators, Halyn, and an incredibly dangerous woman named Melodie.

LeFleuris enjoyed his time at Chestnut Chateau, especially since he got to come with his dear Orange. He witnessed some... curious relations between the other butlers, enjoyed some tasty bacon, helped Melodie transport some hazardous materials, and witnessed an intruder from rival mansion Maple Manor. But then my friend group kinda drifted apart for almost 5 years so Uhhhh yeah.

BUT THEN WE GOT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN and now LeFleuris is back at it again at Chestnut Chateau, which is now run by Melodie and a mysterious second mistress. Given how ludicrously pink and meme-filled the place is, though, he and Orange both know who they're dealing with. Despite the comical air of Chestnut Chateau, LeFleuris is aware this round is likely to be his most dangerous mission yet. Especially since Melodie seems to have developed some sort of intense vendetta against Maple Manor owner Ignis Phasmatis... who happens to be a character Hadris has formed a sort of alliance with. For the time being all he can do is wait and observe as the chaos unfolds. Considering he's in quite a bit of potential danger for once, though, he's not too eager to find out where his place will be in it.



As a Phlorean, LeFleuris is capable of manipulating plant matter, including himself. He can create plant matter as well to some extent, usually coming in the form of thorny vines or medicinal herbs. Due to his experiences he's an expert on repairing himself, able to heal grievous wounds in a short period of time. He also has expertise in producing chemicals and pheromones that he can use on himself or others, for better and for worse.

Though his appearance would imply otherwise, LeFleuris is impressively fit. He knows a lot about improvised weaponry and kicking down doors and is supposedly an incredibly dirty fighter should you make the mistake of fighting him outside of the context of one of Hadris' campaigns. Rumor has it you should be prepared to lose an eye or two.

Though his magical, medicinal, and physical abilities are to be admired, he has a particularly damning weakness to fire. As such, he's incredibly avoidant of those who wield fire magic or incendiery weaponry.


For more information on what these stats mean, click here!


Positioning SkillReach: Moves ally within 5 spaces next to the user.
Passive AbilityPhlorean's Gift: Deals 20% more damage to Plant units.
Personal WeaknessTakes 20% extra damage from Electric attacks.
Friendship Bonus+5% TEC






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"Oh, sweet Orange. How I adore him. I'll never understand how one being can hold so much kindness and so much skepticism at once. He understands, so deeply, words I need not ever say. At first I'll admit I just saw him as entertainment, but... He intrigues me. And I'm certain the feeling is mutual."

244352?1514248223Aedi Levon

"Another darling human I love to know. She's quite charming in her own right, and she has a way with words more powerful than she knows. How to put my feelings into words? It would be rude to say she makes a wonderful pet, but... well, I'm sure she would be flattered."

244543?1497894832Hadris Torant

"I owe him. I owe him more than I could ever repay. I am not so proud as to claim otherwise. Without his aid, I would be long dead. Though I relish in challenging his authority when I get the opportunity, I'd never dream of it were that not his desire. There is little he could do to lose my unwavering devotion."

389531?1492720065Venith Tobette

"Ah, Venith. She's my dearest friend. We've spent much time together over the past many decades, and I am a richer person for it. Her interests are in perfect alignment with mine, her combat skills are incredible, and her personality is thoroughly pleasant. I'm always willing to take time out of my day for her."

274009?1493917425Lausac Pardes

"Either a thorn in my side or a source of endless amusement. It depends on the day, really. But no matter what, it's always such fun pushing his buttons. However... I'll admit his reasons for despising me are valid. I won't question them, nor will I question him. Perhaps that's why I tolerate him as much as I do."


Date CreatedSomewhere around November 2012ish, likely earlier.
Soul Color Medium Green
Element Minoav
Chiro's Nickname My fine baguette.
Virtue Class I'm sure Heaven College is struggling to define that, too.
OC Blog Tag

Present In

  • SYOL - Primary
  • Destroy Your Local Overlord - Antagonist
  • Heaven College
  • Chestnut Chateau

[ Role not provided for RP-original settings. ]


  • Everyone assumes someone with such perfect fingers and such elegant form must be a master of at least one instrument... but he doesn't actually know how to play any. He tries to keep that a secret.
  • His first memory is looking out of a window on a train. He doesn't remember the context, but he thinks it might be one of the few memories he has from before his abduction.
  • LeFleuris uses the internet primarily for looking at aesthetic sites, like Instagram. He just likes curling up with a warm cup of coffee and looking at beautiful things.
  • Though he tries to downplay if not ignore this fact, he and fellow Representative Mariellu have something of a... recurring relationship. Sort of a yearly thing. Sort of a hard-to-ignore biological impulse, flowers and bees and all that. He prefers to avoid speaking the truth, but he and Mariellu have thousands upon thousands of weird leafy bee children running around back on Mariellu's home planet...